2,333 Gordon Ramsay avatars are coming to The Sandbox!

The Sandbox
1 min readMar 14, 2023

We have partnered with ITV Studios to bring limited edition Gordon Ramsay avatars, based on his award-winning reality show Hell’s Kitchen, to The Sandbox metaverse. Only 2,333 playable avatars will be minted, making this an exclusive collection, and each avatar will grant gated access to an exclusive experience in The Sandbox in the future. The public sale will begin on 15 March 2023.

With the new Gordon Ramsay avatar collection, players can bring extra spice to the metaverse by embodying the fiery chef’s appearance. Each avatar features a look inspired by Gordon Ramsay and is customized with a combination of four tiers and 12 unique combinations. With signature looks and features, each tier brings a little piece of Hell’s Kitchen to life. Players can also use a wide range of equipment to customize their Gordon Ramsay avatar just the way they like.

The Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen Collection will be released in two waves, first on 14 March at 2 PM UTC for allowlisted users including all The Sandbox LAND owners and owners of Doggies, Madballs, People of Crypto, Rabbids, Steve Aoki, Kuniverse, Care Bears, or Playboy avatars. In this first wave, users can mint a maximum of two avatars from the collection before official minting starts. The public sale begins 15 March at 2 PM UTC, allowing users to mint up to four avatars per wallet while supplies last.