New LANDs, new NFTs, new partners! New names are making their way into The Sandbox Metaverse and along with their arrival, a new LAND sale will take place on Thursday, May 27 at 1 PM UTC!

The Euphoria sale will include a total of 900 LANDs available for direct purchase, as well as 400 Premium LANDs featuring exclusive NFTs.

The Sandbox is a decentralized gaming platform where players, gamers, and creators can design and monetize their user-generated content on the blockchain.


Starting March 30th, the Marketplace Beta will give NFT creators the possibility to monetize their creations. The first phase will feature a selected number of artists before everyone will receive access.

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of our Marketplace Beta. This is the first phase of beta rollout, which will be followed by the launch of play-to-earn in our Explorer Season.


$SAND, the native token of The Sandbox, is now available on the Bittrex Global Exchange.

The listing follows the recent launch of the $SAND token on more than half a dozen leading global cryptocurrency exchanges.

Bittrex is a leading platform for instantly buying and selling cryptocurrencies and tokenized stock trading established in the United States in 2014. The Bittrex Global Exchange will initially support trading of $SAND in the following currency pairs: USDT

The global cryptocurrency exchange listings are part of The Sandbox team’s ongoing efforts to provide improved liquidity and wider availability of the $SAND token. …

We are delighted to announce, in support of UNICEF, the launch of our first-ever charity LAND auction in The Sandbox metaverse!

December 16, 2020: Animoca Brands announces the launch of its first-ever charity LAND auction through The Sandbox to support UNICEF*. For the first time ever, The Sandbox will auction a centrally located 12x12 Estate consisting of 144 LANDs from its limited reserve map, which will be auctioned through its partnership with OpenSea. This marks the first time that UNICEF will leverage NFT and blockchain-based technology for charity fundraising. …


We would first like to take this moment to thank each and every single one of you whom participated in the second ever TSB Game Jam!

It is creators like you that drive The Sandbox ecosystem and thus there are some amazing jams to come so stay tuned!

We had 11 incredible submissions and were once again BLOWN AWAY by the quality of these games! Our level designers were even shocked by new ways of using assets and mechanics to take games to the next level (No pun intended..)

This Jam’s theme was: Spooky Season!

Given we had prizing for…

The “A Glitch In The Metaverse” game jam may have just ended but we are ready the show must go on and we are happy to announce our fifth official The Sandbox Game Jam!

Let’s get ready for this lightning round of a game jam!

The theme of this Game Jam is:

The Summer Festival

This year it’s all about making the most out of what we have and we’ll make sure to enjoy this summer as much as we can.

For this particular jam we are shaking things up a bit by having a shorter but all that sweeter game jam. Starting July 23rd until August 6th, submissions are open for our Summer Festival game jam. As this title entail, you will have two weeks to create and submit your festival themed experience…

As a Landowner, you are now part of The Sandbox Metaverse, a massive digital world full of exciting experiences. We are building a community where Landowners can collaborate with each other to enhance their experiences and work together on projects that are larger than any LAND size!

The story doesn’t need to end in your land, by working together with your Neighbour, your experience can become the very beginning of an epic journey all across the Metaverse.

We have a private dedicated channel on Discord where you can reach your Neighbours. How do I join the private Landowners Channel?

A summer in the metaverse wouldn’t be quite as fun without a music festival!

To stay in the summer vibe a while longer we are launching a special drop of NFTs in the Marketplace! Get your freshest pair of sunglasses on and get ready for a drop of around 20 NFTs on Friday July 23rd at 3PM UTC in the Marketplace. From concert venues and dance floors to DJs, famous Metaverse artists and even cool cats, summer in The Sandbox will be funky!

We have carefully selected NFTs that can be used in more ways than one and fit in various experience within The Sandbox. After that, it is up to each creator…


We would first like to take this moment to thank each and every single one of you whom participated in the “A Glitch in the Metaverse ” TSB Game Jam! It was our most successful game jam yet with 63 total game submissions ranging in genres from platformers to action packed RPGs. We gave away a total of 63 1x1 LANDs and over 300,000 $SAND (Over $130,000 USD) to creators. It is creators like you that drive The Sandbox ecosystem!

Introducing your game jam WINNERS! But first.. a mashup of participants!

Miss the Awards Live Stream? Check it out!

We had a blast announcing the winners live…

You’ve asked, we’ve listened! Introducing the LAND Sale Queuing system, making LAND sales more transparent and fair for everyone.

*After issuing more tests we came to the decision to postpone the implementation of the Queuing System. We keep working on improving the LAND sale experience and want to make sure that all users have equal chances on getting a LAND. While we know you have been expecting it and as much as the team has worked these last weeks to release it, we want to make extra sure that everything works perfectly before we can release it. …

The Sandbox

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