Aavegotchi DAO makes a thunderous entrance in The Sandbox Game

The Sandbox
4 min readNov 16, 2023

Ripples of the Gotchiverse — An Original Aavegotchi Experience

From the 9th to the 23rd of November, step into a cross universe interactive Aavegotchi game built in The Sandbox produced by GFA “Gotchi French Army” Studio.

Embark in a breathtaking Aadventure leading you beyond the walls of the Gotchiverse Citaadel and discover Aavegotchi world !

From the Idea to the Community 🌱

Everything started in October 2022 during the thursday night weekly GFA live on Twitch presenting latest news about Aavegotchi project. A small group of people from the community very active in The Sandbox ecosystem brought an idea on the table : ‘Why there is no Aavegotchi experience on The Sandbox yet ?’

Major synergies to be created were identified inducing the creation of a GFA task force known as The GFA Studio who built, in the shadows, the Aavegotchi x The Sandbox Proof Of Concept (POC) experience.

The POC was presented to the Aavegotchi Community the 14th of January 2023 in order to collect opinions and feedbacks.

As the community was very enthusiastic, the GFA crew decided to submit a proposal to the DAO in order to pursue the journey of creation. GFA also applied to the GMF (Game Maker Fund) in february 2023.

Having the support of the DAO, The Sandbox GMF and right after the meetup between the GFA TaskForce and Sebastien Borget at NFT Paris, the project was successfuly launched in March 2023.

Aavegotchi Collection & interoperability in The Sandbox

This partnership between 2 major Web3 projects is to highlight that interoperability is the key. Exploring the potential of bridges between ecosystem quickly became a priority for GFA Studio.

What started out as a fun side project by the GFA 12 months ago snowballed into bringing multiple facets to this partnership.

👻 1 Gotchi = 1 Avatar

Gotchi holders, you just need to connect your The Sandbox account with your Aavegotchi wallet to use your free Avatar!

Around 20 000 gotchis with their swag have crossed the bridge to The Sandbox as an external Avatar collection.

OG Equipment Collection

Bushido set? ThAave set? Pets set? Which OG Aavegotchi equipment will you choose to start your Aadventure?

Once through the portal, get ready to enter Aavegotchi’s world. The Gotchiverse is just to reveal a unique universe!

Aavegotchi OG Equipment Collection (Thaave, Bushido and Pets Sets)

Get yours here !

No Pain … No Gain

Over 50K SAND, 5000 GHST, and more will be distributed to players who participate in this event and complete all in-game quests.

Gated Pools of SAND rewards for Avatar (15k) and Equipment (35k) owners will be distributed to players of the “Ripple Of The Gotchiverse” Experience that complete all in-game quests.

As everybody should be able to benefit from his engagement with the Aavegotchi projet, Special Social Contests, Giveaways and Airdrops are going be delivered to the community … Be Ready frens !

A Great Story to tell …

Instead of bringing a part of Aavegotchi history already known from the community, we decided to work with Aavegotchi project creators (Pixelcraft Studio) in order to tell an original Aavegotchi story.

Among GFA community there are plenty of talents and artists, and Stellarhobbes is one of them. A close collaboration gave birth to a graphical novel which follow the steps of the experience with a unique touch of Hobbes.

Epic Aavegotchi Graphic Novel

A maximum of 50 IRL book will be Airdropped to the owner of at least one legendary part of the Bushido Set !

If you didn’t have chance to own a piece of this legendary set you might still have a chance to get yours if you are lucky 👀 or on the Aavegotchi official Merch website.

That’s a wrap

Awesome to see Aavegotchi and The Sandbox players being part of the “Ripple Of The Gotchiverse” Aadventure.

Be ready to discover some surprises coming in the next months …