The Sandbox
3 min readDec 1, 2022

You couldn’t attend the BLOND:ISH’s ABRACADABRA showcase in Miami? Jump in the metaverse to attend the DJ Party and to discover your own superpowers!

For the occasio, a collection of 12 NFTs from the BLOND:ISH ABRACADABRA experience will join The Sandbox Marketplace on November 30th, 2pm UTC.

Celebrate your individuality with the magic of Abracadabra and BLOND:ISH! Take flight on rainbow wings, wear a mushroom hat, and find your superpower with this exclusive collection!

The Collection

Shroomed Out Helm (left) ; Awakened Coat (middle) ; Moon-Powered Wand (right)
  • Shroomed Out Helm — Activate your third eye, your fourth eye, your fifth eye…how many eyes are on this helmet!? Regardless, the mushroom will lead you to transcendence!
  • Awakened Coat — Clothes, when worn with love and awakened, can also gain the ability to use the Abracadabra Eye. Look stylish and realized, and most importantly, orange!
  • Moon-Powered Wand — A wand crafted under a full moon and mixed with the power of Abracadabra. It can see the future, the past, and the sideways.
Rainbow Truth Wings (left) ; Free Hugs (middle) ; Future Sight Shoes (right)
  • Rainbow Truth Wings — Electric rainbow wings that can see all, while at the same time attracting the attention of anyone around them. Be the star of your show with these exclusive Abracadabra Wings!
  • Free Hugs — In times of sadness, delight, joy, and excitement, nothing is better than a hug! With this it will be clear to all that hugs are free!
  • Future Sight Shoes — Get to where you need to go before you need to go there with these transcendent shoes from Abracadabra!
Abracadabackpack (left ) ; Smile Helm (middle ) ; Kitty Vivie (right)
  • Abracadabackpack — Keep all the essentials tucked away nice and secure in this Abracadabackpack, which can fit water bottles, hugs, and even its own name inside!
  • Smile Helm — Channel the powers of music and summon your own light as you dance with this helmet that has become awakened to the universe!
  • Kitty Vivie —This cat, once a stray, became beloved when it showed up at a BLOND:ISH concert and now travels with her, giving away free cuddles to those who need it.
Giant 8 Ball (left) ; Comfy Smile Pants (middle) ; All-Seeing Helmet (right)
  • Giant 8 Ball — A massive 8-ball filled with answers to numerous questions, but don’t shake it too hard! It can get dizzy.
  • Comfy Smile Pants — Relax and be one with the comfy as you wear these pants that show off the third-eye smiley! Relax to a deeper level!
  • All-Seeing Helmet — Look in every direction and see what is behind reality with this Eyeball Helmet. What will you see? Only one way to find out.