Adventures of a Floating Castle: the beginning — NFT Collection

Royalty, guards, bandits, equipment’s and more, the perfect items for any medieval game. A blacksmith with forging tools? Yes, we have that too!

Are you ready to create the best medieval experience? This is where to start!

And don’t forget, purchasing an asset from this collection will grant you the “Collector Badge” that unlocks an extra reward of 30 SAND!

The Collection

Here is a sneak peek of the cool NFTs you can purchase!

  • Brick Wood Oven — A big brick oven with a fire in it, suitable for many environment like blacksmith, home, pizza maker.
  • Fantasy Jester — A crazy jester in his tipical colorful dress with a rattle in his hand.
  • Foreign Merchant, Kor’Dra — An experienced traveler who visit the most unthinkable places to get the most exotic merchandise. No one knows for sure from where he comes from.
  • Smoking Man Arthur — An experienced traveler, you can recognize him due to he always smoke his pipe.
  • Old King Harold III — A sage and peaceful old king, beloved by his people.
  • Crucible — A necessary crucible to decorate as it suppose to be any blacksmith or foundry.

About ‘Adventures of a Floating Castle: the beginning’

Evil forces raided the kingdom! Don’t let anyone call you a coward. Overcome your fear and defeat the crual bandits and savage wolves to become this medieval fantasy wolrd’s favorite hero!

Play ‘Adventures of a Floating Castle: the beginning’ experience in the Alpha Season 3 now!



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