Avatar Owner Monthly Rewards: July Edition

The Sandbox
3 min readJul 4, 2024


Avatar owners can claim their team uniform from The Sandbox!

We’re back with another avatar owner monthly reward! For July, we’re celebrating the spirit of athletic competition with The Sandbox Team Uniforms. Represent The Sandbox with these stylish odes to the metaverse.

One of five different sets has been randomly distributed to the avatar owners from The Sandbox Official Collections. Which sport did you receive? Think you can collect them all? Take a look at the different sets below!

The Sandbox Team — Judo Uniform — This resilient judo uniform combines durability and flexibility, perfect for mastering the art of judo.

The Sandbox Team — Swimming Uniform — Engineered for speed and comfort, this streamlined swimming uniform ensures peak performance in the water.

The Sandbox Team — Basketball Uniform — Designed for breathability and ease of movement, this basketball uniform keeps players cool and agile on the court

The Sandbox Team — Gymnastic Uniform — Crafted for support and flexibility, this gymnastics uniform allows for flawless execution of routines.

The Sandbox Team — Fencing Uniform — Providing superior protection and mobility, this fencing uniform is essential for dominating every bout.

Didn’t receive the uniform you wanted? You can trade it for another on the secondary market or tune in for @Pandapops’ streams where we’ll be giving away some different sets!

*NOTE: A snapshot of all avatar holders’ wallets was made on June 28, 2024, at 3 PM UTC to determine reward eligibility for June. Avatar holders can claim their rewards until June 31 at 3 PM UTC. After this deadline, the items will no longer be redeemable. The time left to claim an item is displayed on the Claim Page.

Play With Your Set to Earn Bonus Rewards and SAND

Want a matching weapon and a bonus SAND reward? The Sandbox Team Uniform Avatar owners who play a total of 30 quests in any of the below experiences below are eligible to earn both!

If the necessary quests are completed, you’ll receive five SAND plus the Burning Victory Staff weapon NFT at the end of the month!

Players have until July 31, 2024, to meet the requirements to receive their rewards. See more on the Event page

Tune in Every Month for New Rewards

If you’re an avatar owner, remember to check your Claims Page each month to receive your special reward! To participate, simply own one or more avatars from The Sandbox Collections and ensure your account is KYC-verified. Claim your July rewards today!