Border Town of Tang Dynasty NFT Drop — Pack #2

The NFTs

Broad Blade With Golden Rings (left) ; Cloud Walking Boots (middle) ; Fire Wing Epaulet (right)
  • Broad Blade With Golden Rings — A chopping knife requires blood for sacrifice; the golden rings screech when it is wielded.
  • Cloud Walking Boots — Super-light boots; like walking on clouds and running as fast as flying when wearing them
  • Fire Wing Epaulet — Burning fire and wing size; you will feel a strong boost when equipped.
Tiger Shield (left) ; Large Bronz Mask (middle) ; Bronze Wine Cup (right)
  • Tiger Shield — A shield with tiger strength, can resist amounts of hit.
  • Large Bronze Mask — The most classic statue of Chinese Sanxindui cultural relics; it is said to be used during large-scale sacrifice.
  • Bronze Wine Cup — One kind of drinking vessel for ancient Chinese nobility, which stands for the highest metal smelting level in ancient China.
Cloisonné Square Wine Vessel (left) ; Large Bronze Man Statue (right)
  • Cloisonné Square Wine Vessel — A cloisonne wine vessel made in 19 century; cloisonne is one kind of Chinese unique and famous metal-working process.
  • Large Bronze Man Statue — A giant bronze man statue from China Sanxingdui Ruins; There is a missing crosier in hands.
Four Ram Zun (left) ; Bronze Bird (right)
  • Four Ram Zun — Four Ram Zun is a vessel for sacrifice from the late Shang Dynasty; it is the largest existing bronze square statue of the Shang Dynasty in China.
  • Bronze Bird — A replica of a bronze bird from Sanxingdui Ruins, which was a symbol of harvest.

About Border Town of Tang Dynasty

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