Builder Highlights Pack #1 by SandStorm

The Sandbox
3 min readFeb 26, 2022


A highlight of the top SandStorm community builders from weapons, characters and contest winners.

Let’s start off the month of March on the right foot! Here is the best assets from the SandStorm community!

The NFTs

14 NFTs will be available on The Sandbox Marketplace on February 28th, 3pm UTC!

Stormie (left) ; SandStorm Duck (right)

Stormie — Stormie shows the true magic energy within it’s core. Those who collect Stormies will be the ruler of the metaverse.

SandStorm Duck — Quack! This duck has ran through a Sandstorm portal and was voxelated into the metaverse.

Storm Girl (left) ; Vortex Storm Shield (right)

Storm Girl — It’s hard to keep up with all the ruckus, this Sandstorm cyberpunk superhero girl keeps the metaverse safe for all.

Vortex Storm Shield — This shield makes a strange noise. One myth says it was formed by tarhunt and has levitating powers.

Strombringer (left) ; Storm Staff “Illapu” (right)

Stormbringer — A weapon used by the Guardians of the Upper Kingdom. You can feel the light flowing through you, when you touch the sword, use it wisely.

Storm Staff “Illapu” — Through this staff flows the Light of Apu Illapu. He will light your way in dark times.

SandStorm Vortex Statue (left) ; Rythms (right)

SandStorm Vortex Statue — This statue honors the pioneers of the Sandbox who encouraged a community of builders to succeed. It is said that those who spend time near the statue may feel their luck change for the better or even a healing power rushed over them.

Rythms — Be sure to always wear your Rythms, not only for flair, but also for a boost.

Astral Pilot (left) ; Steampunk Mechanic (right)

Astral Pilot — An explorer worthy of conquering the galaxy and the metaverse. Many adventures lay ahead for this pathfinder.

Steampunk Mechanic — A technician of iron and steam. This rugged mechanic likes to take things apart, including his opponent.

Golden Inferno Blade (left) ; Cyberpunk Patrolman (right)

Golden Inferno Blade — A fiery blade conjured from the lands of the underworld. It’s beauty can only been seen by it’s holder.

Cyberpunk Patrolman — This black cyborg with darting blue laser eyes is the ultimate enforcer.

Conjurer Staff of Nature (left) ; Sandstorm Information Centre (right)

Conjurer Staff of Nature — This divine staff was crafted by an entity of nature. It will aid and protect it’s user in battle.

Sandstorm Information Centre — This is the building for all your Sandstorm and Sandbox informational needs (created by Ama).

See on you February 28th (3pm UTC), on The Sandbox Marketplace!