Builders Bootcamp in Japan

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2 min readJun 20, 2024


With the exciting release of Game Maker 0.10 and its array of new features, we are thrilled to extend an exclusive invitation to our Builders Bootcamp in Japan! This intimate event offers limited seats and provides creators with a unique opportunity to gather, learn, share insights, and forge valuable connections.

Participants will receive lectures from The Sandbox Japan staff and members of Voxel Rangers (VR) on updates in the latest Game Maker 0.10 and the entire game creation process. Through lectures, group work, and practical workshops, participants will develop game creation skills, create games in teams, and review them on the final day. Additionally, through various team-building activities such as BBQs and outdoor experiences, participants can deepen their connections with each other. Individual participation is also highly welcome.

As a special participation prize, we will present one LAND.

Reasons to Join Our Builders Bootcamp

Mastering Game Development with Game Maker 0.10

Participants will explore the latest updates in Game Maker 0.10 and collaborate as a team to create a game from start to finish. This hands-on experience will empower you to produce games effectively using Game Maker 0.10.

As a bonus, all participants will receive one LAND as a gift, enabling immediate publication of the games you create on The Sandbox Map.

Collaborative Game Development: Teamwork and Networking

This Builder’s Bootcamp offers invaluable experience in team-based game creation, enriching your future creative pursuits. Moreover, it provides abundant opportunities to engage with fellow creators, expanding your network for future projects.

Date and Time:

Saturday, June 29, 10:00 AM — Monday, July 1, 5:00 PM



8549–1 Kido, Yokoshibahikari-machi, Sanbu-gun, Chiba 289–1726


  • June 29 (Saturday):

Arrival and Orientation: Gather at the venue and receive updates on Game Maker 0.10.

  • June 30 (Sunday):

Team-Based Game Development: Collaborate to create exciting game experiences.

  • July 1 (Monday):

Presentations and Feedback Sessions: Showcase your creations and receive valuable reviews.

Participation Fee: Free!

Important Notes

Please make sure to bring your laptop and mouse on the day of the event. Depending on the specifications of your PC, Game Maker and VoxEdit may not function properly. Please ensure that you bring a PC that has been tested and confirmed to work with each of the software in advance.

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