Builders’ Challenge: Meet the Champions

The Sandbox
3 min readApr 9, 2024

The Sandbox Builders’ Challenge has produced many talented creators, with more arriving every day. Two creators, zzangddoru and GreatR Works, have recently caught the attention of The Sandbox Community for their creative and boundary-pushing use of Game Maker mechanics.

Let’s take a look at how their games are helping to shape the future of The Sandbox.

Run! Panda Pong by Zzangddoru

Zzangddoru, in collaboration with another creator known as Mulala, reinvented side-scrolling action for The Sandbox with Run! Panda Pong. This arcade-style, single-player parkour game blends simple action with addictive gameplay. The mission is simple: Complete the quest faster than anyone else! Players can eat fruit and open treasure chests to earn speed bumps. The nostalgic essence of Panda Pong has captivated players while showcasing zzangddoru’s skillful game design and storytelling.

For zzangddoru, the decision to build on The Sandbox was easy. The platform’s accessibility and powerful yet user-friendly tools allow creators like zzangddoru to craft games without the need for complex coding. Specifically, zzangddoru highlights the VoxEdit tool as instrumental in bringing creative visions to life.

Zzangddoru earned top creator status in The Sandbox by employing a strategy that centers around innovation and accessibility. By continuously exploring new ideas and focusing on creating games that are easy for a wide audience to enjoy, zzangddoru aims to engage and expand the player base. This approach, along with the fun gameplay of Run! Panda Pong, demonstrates that creativity and community involvement are crucial for success in The Sandbox.

Thanks to the amazing rewards offered by the Builders’ Challenge, zzangddoru was able to take home a prize of 1,126 SAND during week two of the event!

Roach Uprising by GreatR Works

GreatR Works Studio was founded by a group of friends who met while participating in The Sandbox Game Jams — themed game creation events where studios can show off their skills. The team found early success, winning prizes and gaining recognition.

One of their Game Jam games, Roach Uprising, has earned a following due to its creative concept and execution. This turn-based combat game places players in the perspective of cockroaches battling against the tyranny of rats in a household setting. Players navigate through a world of oversized furniture, striving to gain recognition from the Roach King and lead their fellow roaches to victory. The engaging storyline, combined with strategic gameplay, has resonated with players, establishing GreatR Works as a notable creator in The Sandbox.

GreatR Works discovered The Sandbox back in 2022 and was immediately captivated. Drawn to the unique pixelated aesthetic and the simplicity of its Game Maker tool, they’ve been using it ever since. The welcoming and supportive community of The Sandbox has kept them around, playing a crucial role in the studio’s development and providing a home for their projects.

When asked to share their strategy for becoming a top creator, they pointed to their commitment to crafting high-quality games with compelling narratives and enjoyable gameplay. By hosting events, promoting their creations on social media, and engaging with the community through a dedicated Discord server, GreatR Works has successfully attracted a loyal player base. Their focus on replayability, community feedback, and continuous improvement has set a benchmark for success within The Sandbox ecosystem.

GreatR Works earned a generous reward of 1,752 SAND during week two of the Builders’ Challenge.

Creators Welcome

The journeys of zzangddoru and GreatR Works highlight the incredible potential for creators to thrive on The Sandbox. Through their innovative designs, community engagement, and commitment to quality, these creators have contributed to the rich tapestry of The Sandbox while paving the way for future creators to do the same.

Think you have what it takes to create an Experience like Run! Panda Pong or Roach Uprising? Join the Builders’ Challenge to start building and earn a piece of the massive prize pool!