Celebrating 1,000 Experiences Published by Creators in The Sandbox!

500,000 SAND will be added to the Builders’ Challenge reward pool.

The Sandbox
3 min readMar 25, 2024

At The Sandbox, we believe in empowering creators to bring their imaginations to life by making creation as accessible as possible. Through updates to Game Maker and platform infrastructure and implementing new ways to earn, creators are finding more success on our platform than ever before. Since 2021, over $30M has been distributed to creators from asset sales, royalties, Game Maker Fund and Creator Fund recipients, and more. This is only the beginning for creators on our platform, and as we grow and evolve, so too does our creator ecosystem.

1,000 Experiences published by creators

During our first inaugural Creators Day in Hong Kong last November, we announced the opening of The Sandbox and released the self-publishing tool. This tool enables users to release their own Experiences and see their traffic performances. Since then, we’ve had over 1,000 Experiences published by creators on The Sandbox Map. These Experiences showcase the breadth of our platform, ranging from adventure to racing to replicas of famous cities and so much more. The ingenuity of our creators never fails to amaze us as they leverage our Game Maker to bring their creativity to life.

To continue growing the number of Experiences on The Sandbox map and encourage and reward creators for producing high-quality content that provides engaging gameplay for players, we launched the Builders’ Challenge on February 12. The challenge spans ten weeks, offering a chance for any published experience on The Sandbox Map to win rewards based on player engagement. The community has already showcased impressive creations, and with five weeks remaining, there’s still time to participate and claim a share of the prize pool.

Now, to celebrate the milestone of reaching 1,000 Experiences published on The Sandbox Map, we’re adding a new 500,000 SAND reward pool to the Builders’ Challenge. This bonus reward pool will be split amongst the top ten creators. When combined with the existing 1M SAND reward pool of the Builders’ Challenge, the lucky winners will become the first creators within The Sandbox to earn over $100,000!

Over 330,000 creators actively using Game Maker and VoxEdit tools

In the past year, we’ve seen usage of our creation tools increase, with more experiences and assets published to our marketplace than ever before. We believe this is partly due to the release of Game Maker 0.9 in December 2023, which allows for new gameplay mechanics and enhanced visuals. With over 300,000 people and 200+ professional studios utilizing our creation tools, we are both humbled and proud of our ever-expanding creator community for helping us achieve these landmark milestones.

3,300 unique assets created and over 500,000 copies minted

We are continually working on new ways to empower artists on the platform. To that end, we’ve enabled the minting of assets on the Polygon chain and released CATALYSTs so users can create and sell their assets. In response, the community has created and released 3,300 unique Voxel assets with over 500,000 copies minted. We’ve loved seeing what the community creates and how our players use them.

More Rewards for Our Creators

We’ve continued our efforts to onboard and engage the creator community by reimagining interactive programs such as Game Jams, five of which launched this year. Over 2,500 creators joined Game Jams already in 2024, impressing us with their creations. With nine more Game Jams centered around exciting partners planned this year, massive prizes from the Builders’ Challenge, and a growing number of ways to monetize creations, there has never been a better time to be a creator in The Sandbox.

This year will be full of significant milestones, all made possible by our growing creator community. We’re excited to continue investing in our creator ecosystem and are extremely encouraged by the progress 2024 has brought thus far as The Sandbox continues to evolve and grow.