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Chongqing Underground City experience is inspired by Liu Cixin’s novel The Wandering Earth. The novel tells the story of humanity developing planetary engines to turn the earth into a giant spaceship in order to escape the solar system before the sun’s demise.

Chongqing Underground City is set after humanity’s realization of the long journey ahead fo it. Those who firmly believe in the wandering plan, all perished, sacrificing themselves on the eve of the truth coming to light. To commemorate and remind future generations of the importance of the wandering plan, humanity built the ‘Wandering Earth Museum’ in various underground cities. As the Chinese New Year approaches, the busy people on Chongqing finally put down their work and celebrate the holiday, paying homage to tradition.

The Chongquing Wandering NFT Collection includes both the great relics of the Wandering Earth plan and the everyday characters and objects that exist within the futuristic underground cities.

01a1 Studio, the creators behind this experience, have designed detailed assets of “The Wandering Earth Space Station”, “Planetary Engine”, “The Ignition Device” and “The Nuclear Battery” which are interspersed throughout the novel. Various characters and facilities, like jetpacks and flying motorcycles are designed to give the player a sense of the technological level and living conditions in the future underground city. Additionally, they have also designed a few assets to best represent the atmosphere of Chongqing city and of the Chinese New Year.

The collection will be live form January 23rd (3PM UTC), on The Sandbox Marketplace.

The Collection

The Wandering Earth Space Station (left) ; Planetary Engine (right)
  • The Wandering Earth Space Station — The Space Station that leads the Earth’s Wandering.
  • Planetary Engine — The planetary engine uses fusion technology to push the Earth on its journey, thus beginning a 2500-year wandering journey.
Earth Theme Jetpack (left) ; Thunderbolt Red Motorbike (right)
  • Earth Theme Jetpack —A “Earth” theme for the jetpack implies that it is designed to be versatile and efficient for a wide range of environments, similar to how Earth is home to a diverse range of landscapes and climates.
  • Thunderbolt Red Motorbike — It is a vintage-style motorcycle that can fly at low altitudes with its jet propulsion system.
Ling (left) ; Guimao Rabbit (right)
  • Ling — A Chongqing girl with a hot personality like a hot pot.
  • Guimao Rabbit — This is the mascot of the Chinese New Year of the Rabbit and is meant to bring good luck and fortune to those who welcome it during the Chinese New Year.
Black Hole Theme Jetpack (left) ; Jupiter Theme Jetpack (right)
  • Black Hole Theme Jetpack — The jetpack is designed to have a strong and powerful propulsion system, allowing the user to navigate and maneuver with ease in any conditions, even in the face of strong winds and resistance.
  • Jupiter Theme Jetpack — A “Jupiter” theme for the jetpack implies that it is able to withstand extreme conditions, like Jupiter’s massive storms.
Solar Theme Jetpack (left) ; Waterdrop Theme Jetpack (right)
  • Solar Theme Jetpack — A “Sun” theme for the jetpack implies that the jetpack is designed to be efficient and provide a lot of energy, reflecting the sun’s ability to sustain life on Earth.
  • Waterdrop Theme Jetpack — The water droplet theme for the jetpack implies that the jetpack is designed to have intuitive controls.
Jazzy The Street Punk (left) ; Punk-Rock Raven (right)
  • Jazzy The Street Punk — A sporty, outgoing, and confident girl with alively and trendy sense of fashion.
  • Punk-Rock Raven — He has a rebellious and edgy personality. He may be a bit rough around the edges, but has a great sense of humor.
Mecha-Arm Jade (left) ; Bong Bong (right)
  • Mecha-Arm Jade — She lost her right arm during her childhood and had to install a mechanical prosthetic arm. This led her to embark on a career as a brilliant hacker and tech genius.
  • Bong Bong — “Bong Bong” is a robot delivery worker in the underground city. He will bring warm food to your table in the shortest time possible.
Planetary Engine Ignition Device (left) ; 01a1 love Sandbox VR Headset (middle) ; Underground City Residency Card (right)
  • Planetary Engine Ignition Device — The ignition device for the planetary engine containing a massive amount of energy to start the engine.
  • 01a1 love Sandbox VR Headset — The VR glasses that come with holographic projection function can project text and other materials. Advertisers are trying to transform it into the most effective advertising medium in the underground city.
  • Underground City Residency Card — It serves as proof of identification and grants citizens the right to live and work in the underground city.
Worn-out Nuclear Battery (left) ; Nine Palace Hot Pot (right)
  • Worn-out Nuclear Battery — The Nuclear Battery left behind by the 5,000 followers of the Wandering Earth Plan, which were previously used to provide propulsion and nearly limitless electricity.
  • Nine Palace Hot Pot — The “nine palace hot pot” is a type of Chinese hot pot that is divided into nine compartments, each with a different broth or soup base.

January 23rd (3PM UTC), on The Sandbox Marketplace.