Chord Hero Music Gallery— NFT Collection

The Sandbox
4 min readJan 20, 2023

The Sandbox is partnering with Chord Hero to bring you a brand you NFT collection: Chord Hero Music Gallery.

The 42 NFTs created by the metavers agency PANGU are digital representation of real ukuleles created by Chord Hero’s students from various schools in Hong Kong and in in collaboration with the Hong Kong Society For Education In Art (HKSEA).

The collection is available on The Sandbox Marketplace.

Chord Hero offers a range of physical and digital products to make music learning fun and affordable for everyone. Their top selling product, the Maker Ukulele Set includes a DIY ukulele that kids can assemble and decorate themselves, as well as the ChordVentures music-learning mobile game.

During the collaboration between Chord Hero and HKSEA, the students assembled their ukuleles, designed and decorated them with colorful paints and creative inspirations, and then digitized them into voxel assets on The Sandbox. The NFT drop showcases these works, and a portion of the profits will be donated back to HKSEA to support the promotion of art and music through STEAM learning.

Cherry on top, each buyer will be rewarded with a one-of-a-kind ukulele and a cool wearable.*

*Rewards distribution will be handled by PANGU.

The Collection

Here is a sneak peek of some of the assets that will be up for sale. All NFTs will be exhibited in the Chord Hero Music Gallery in collaboration with HKSEA.

The Little Penguin and Her Ukulele (left) ; Puppy under Starry Night (middle) ; Lizzy’s Exploration: Mushroom Forest (right)
  • The Little Penguin and Her Ukulele — This artwork is reated by Tong Tsz Ching Macaria from Chan’s Creative School.
  • Puppy under Starry Night — This artwork is created by Leung Lok Ching from St. Matthew’s Lutheran School (Sau Mau Ping).
  • Lizzy’s Exploration: Mushroom Forest — This artwork is created by Liu Lok Chun from Ma On Shan Methodist Primary School.
Humming Bird (left) ; Fantasy (middle) ; Sunset (right)
  • Humming Bird — This artwork is created by Ms. Rachel Yim.
  • Fantasy — This artwork is created by Yeung Wing Ching from Alliance Primary School, Whampoa.
  • Sunset — This artwork is created by Fu Kwok Hei from Alliance Primary School, Whampoa.
The Ocean’s Sonata (left) ; Candy World (middle) ; Lotus Pond Movement (right)
  • The Ocean’s Sonata — This artwork is created by Wong Tsz Ching from Munsang College Primary School.
  • Candy World — This artwork is created by Lam Karina from Alliance Primary School, Whampoa.
  • Lotus Pond Movement — This artwork is created by Deng Vicky from St. Matthew’s Lutheran School (Sau Mau Ping).

The collection is already live on The Sandbox Marketplace!

About Chord Hero

Chord Hero is dedicated to providing music learning products that are both enjoyable and affordable for everyone. To achieve this goal, we offer a range of physical and digital products, including the Maker Ukulele Set, which is designed to make music accessible to the budget conscious or who may feel discouraged by traditional music learning methods. Our products aim to help people of all backgrounds and skill levels experience the joy and benefits of music.

We also prioritize personalization in our approach to music learning. Both our Strummer guitar and Maker Ukulele Set allow users to customize their instruments through visual arts, and we provide materials to help them do so. By personalizing their instruments, users can form an emotional connection with them before they even start learning.

The Sandbox Experience is an innovative way for Chord Hero to provide the community with engaging and fun environments for music learning. Through this program, students can showcase their work to the world and gain their first experience with NFTs and the metaverse. Additionally, The Sandbox Experience makes the Maker Ukulele Set an ideal tool for educators to teach students about emerging technologies using an area that students are already familiar with.


PANGU by Kenal is a branch extension from Kenal Group providing a one-stop solution in the Metaverse. In a fast-growing space, PANGU has been officially listed as a Metaverse Agency of The Sandbox Game, focused on creating and crafting unique experiences and digital assets for our clients.