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The Sandbox City Jams

Join us for an exciting new type of Game Jam in The Sandbox: The City Jam! This community-focused event aims to bring international cultures into The Sandbox, one city at a time. Win prizes, develop your skills, enjoy the company of other creators, and immerse yourself in diverse cultures. The top nine experiences will be featured on a special, dedicated ‘City Estate’ to represent one of the world’s cultural hubs!


Paris is a special city for The Sandbox, home to one of our headquarters and the site of many important moments and events for the Metaverse. It’s a city like no other, filled with unique architectural wonders and vibrant neighborhoods.

Picture yourself in the Metaverse, standing beneath the Eiffel Tower, or having your avatar wander through the majestic Notre-Dame Cathedral. Every corner of Paris has a story to tell, and we want you to bring these stories to life on The Sandbox.

Re-create the stylish boulevards lined with classic Haussmann buildings, or let your community immerse themselves in the artsy vibes of Montmartre.

Each neighborhood, from the historic charm of Le Marais to the lively Latin Quarter, offers a fresh and exciting experience. Paris isn’t just a city — it’s an adventure waiting to be built and explored!

We want to highlight the best experiences that showcase a specific monument, neighborhood, or the distinctive “vibe” of Paris. You can use famous landmarks or simply capture the Parisian style through custom ASSETs inspired by the city’s architecture and culture.

We wish to portray the below elements on the Paris Estate.

  • The Eiffel Tower
  • Montmartre
  • Champs Elysée & Arc de Triomphe
  • Notre-Dame
  • The Louvre
  • The Palace of Versailles
  • Le Marais (Including The Sandbox’s HQ)
  • Musée d’Orsay
  • Grand Palais
  • Panthéon
  • Parc des Princes Stadium

Feel free to draw your inspiration from any era of your choosing. Whether it’s the grandeur of the Renaissance, the revolutionary fervor of the eighteenth century, or the artistic innovation of the Belle Époque, each experience offers a unique opportunity to explore and recreate the rich tapestry of Parisian history.

This creative freedom allows for a diverse range of interpretations, from ancient Roman times to the modern day, ensuring that each experience is an exciting journey through time.

Prizes 🏆

We have an outstanding 30,000 SAND up for grabs, as well as the chance to represent Paris on The Sandbox’s Map. You will be hosted on a dedicated Paris Estate owned by The Sandbox.

We will minimize showcasing the same neighborhood or monuments multiple times, so expect the rewards to be fairly distributed across different subjects.

See the prizes below.


  • 3,000 SAND + Published on our Paris Estate

🎖️ 10TH — 15TH PLACE

  • 500 SAND + Hosted on The Sandbox’s LANDs

Extra rewards

In addition, we will reward experiences that showcase various neighborhoods or monuments with 500 SAND.

For example, if you have a great experience that doesn’t qualify for the top 15 but uniquely features a wonderful Arc de Triomphe, you might still be included.

In order to minimize redundancy, creators can disclose what they are working on on the Creators Forum.

We also encourage you to team up with a talented artist! Feel free to use this topic on the Forum to find a partner. This is not a requirement.

Please note that you must have a wallet which has completed KYC to receive prizes.

Read more about KYC and our other Terms and Conditions.

🔴 The competition is currently ongoing!


This City Jam starts now, on June 7, 2024. You may join any time as long as you submit by the June 27 deadline.

Join our Creators Forum to stay up-to-date and get access to experienced creators and expert staff who are happy to help.

Key dates

Find below all key dates connected to the event. Any changes or additions in the dates will be publicly announced.

🗓️ June 7: The contest goes live!

🗓️ June 12, (11:30 am UTC): Live AMA — What is a City Jam?

🗓️ June 27 (4:00 pm UTC): Submissions close.

🗓️ July 3rd: Public vote ends.

🗓️ July 10th — 24th: DAO votes open.

🗓️ July 30th: Winners are published on the City Estate.

⚠️ Voting is done with a public vote and through the DAO. More details below.

How do I participate?

You must create a game with our free, no-code Game Maker software to take part in this City Jam. We also encourage you to team up with an artist or use VoxEdit to create Paris-themed ASSETs!

You must also either share your game to the Game Maker Gallery or publish the game on the Map. In addition, the game must be posted in the dedicated Forum thread (coming soon).

Please follow these steps to participate in the City Jam.

  • ☑️ Create a The Sandbox account by following these steps.
  • ☑️ Download our no-code Game Maker software to create your game for free here (required).
  • ☑️ Download our easy-to-use VoxEdit software to create custom ASSETs for free here (optional).
  • ☑️ ️️Join our Creator Forum and Discord to stay up to date, get help & feedback, and meet other creators!
  • ☑️ Make sure to look at the 📚Resources section below for useful documentation to get started.
  • ☑️ Share your completed experience to the Game Maker Gallery or publish on the Map.
  • ☑️ Submit your entry to the submission form linked in this article.

Important rules ⚠️

Please make sure that you read all the standard Game Jam rules HERE!

City Jams are different to our regular Game Jams and some rules may differ. It is important that you read both the rules linked above and the rules specified in this article.

*Please note that, if a rule stated in this article, differs from one stated in our official documentation, the rule stated here takes precedence.

It is your responsibility to carefully read all the rules. Not following these rules will in most cases disqualify your entry.

  • Software: Your game must be designed with our Game Maker software. We recommend that you use the latest version of the software and update if an update occurs during the event.
  • Updating your entry: You may freely make updates to your entry throughout the event, including after the submission deadline.
  • Size: Your game must be no larger than 1x1.
  • Multiple Entries: You may submit more than one entry for this contest.
  • Staff: The Sandbox staff and any contractors working directly with Game Jams are not permitted to enter City Jam or Game Jam competitions.

Voting 🗒️

Like the Game Jams, the City Jams consist of two voting phases.

The first phase is through an open vote. This will require participants to showcase their entries on the Creators Forum in a dedicated thread. The up to 15 entries with the most reactions (hearts, thumbs up, etc.) will pass into the DAO vote.

Further information will be clearly announced in the Forum.

Please note that we will check the 15 most voted-for entries to ensure that these qualify following the criteria and the rules stated and linked in this article.

⚠️ Keep in mind that The Sandbox DAO is newly launched. In the event that the DAO vote does not go through, the voting structure may be adjusted to ensure that winners are decided. Regardless of SIP results, the winners will receive their prizes as usual.

Resources 📚

  • Learn to use the Game Maker here.
  • Learn to use VoxEdit to create ASSETs here.
  • Join our community of creators on the Creators Forum, where you can ask for help, find teams to work with, read important updates, and make connections with other passionate game developers.
  • Save time and buy ASSETs from our Marketplace here.

FAQs — ❓

If you have any questions or concerns, please read the rules and FAQs carefully first or consider whether the answer could be found in the resources linked above.

If you did not find an answer, we look forward to welcoming you in the Creator Forum where you can find other creators and staff who are happy to help.

Good luck to all participants!