Colors of Diversity NFT Collection

A collection born at the Valley of Belonging, to celebrate the right to be who we truly are. Come show your PRIDE with us!🏳️‍🌈✊🏽

The Sandbox
5 min readJun 22, 2022

To celebrate Pride Month, The Sandbox is partnering with People of Crypto and Hermit Crab to release the Colors of Diversity NFT Collection.

26 assets from the Valley of Belonging experience will be put up for sale on The Sandbox Marketplace on June 23rd (3pm UTC).

In addition to this collection, 8,430 fully playable avatars are available to mint thanks to the People of Crypto Avatar Collection. POC Avatars will give holders the ability to display their sexual orientation and pronouns. You decide who you want to be!

The NFTs

  • Collectible Heart — A heart-shaped collectible item that represents PRIDE.
  • Colorfull Fishes — A special group of flying colorful fishes.
  • Hermitta Crabiolla— Hermitta Crabiolla is part of The Valley of Belonging drag scene. Not just part of the group, she fabulously leads them all.
  • Sandrah Boxxy — Sandrah Boxxy is a sassy and confident drag queen. She’s also the inspiration for the ICONIC pink lake, awesome, isn’t it?
  • Vanity Vision — Vanity Vision is perfect to set a dance floor on fire with her dance moves. She’s very energetic and has a special metaversy design.
  • Grafitti 1 — A grafitti art representing the love for LGBTQIA+ and race diversity.
  • Raised Fist 1 — The Raised Fist is a 4 meter high monument and a symbol of power and pride.
  • Asia O’Hara — Asia O’Hara is a famous drag queen and is in a very prestigious place in the Valley, the Main Hall.
  • Kamelea Kream — Kamelea Kream is the definition of glam. She parades through The Valley of Belonging in all her glory beside her drag queen friends.
  • Sherry Banoffe — Sherry Banoffe is a funny and confident drag queen in The Valley of Belonging.
  • KimChi — KimChi is a famous drag queen and will be the first drag the player meets when entering The Valley of Belonging
  • Unique — Unique, the unicorn is exactly what their name suggests. They are a special creature that represents The Valley of Belonging.
  • Grafitti 2 — This art piece represents the black and brown women from The Valley of Belonging, and all their strength and beauty.
  • LGBTQIAP+Flag 1 — This pride flag unites the colors of LGBTQIA+ and people of color communities.
  • LGBTQIAP+ Flag — 2This pride flag symbolizes the LGBTQIA+ community.
  • LGBTQIAP+ Intersex Flag — This pride flag symbolizes the intersex community.
  • LGBTQIAP+ Lesbian Flag — This pride flag represents the lesbian community.
  • LGBTQIAP+ Transgender Flag — This pride flag represents the transgender community..
  • Museum painting — The museum painting is an exclusive piece of art that represents all kinds of love.
  • Louis — This is Louis, one of the Valley of Belonging citizens. He represents people with vitiligo and guides the users to follow the rainbows.
  • Trinity — This is Trinity, one of the Valley citizens. They are on a mission to make the Pride Parade happen as perfect as it can be.
  • Raised Fist 2— The Raised Fist is a 3 meter high monument and a symbol of power and pride.
  • Raised Fist 13— The Raised Fist is a 3 meter high monument and a symbol of power and pride.
  • Raised Fist Beach — An emissive sand sculpture to symbolize strength and diversity.
  • Neon Tree (Pink and Blue) — The Tree Neon is a shiny and metaversy tree that represents diversity. This item is unique and created in The Valley of Belonging.

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