Creator Fund’s Highlights — November 2022

The Sandbox
4 min readNov 24, 2022

Another month another Creator Fund’s Highlights drop. Platformer asset and folkloric creatures… We selected la crème de la crème of the month of November 2022.

The 20 new assets will be dropped on November 25th (3pm utc), on The Sandbox Marketplace.

The Collection

Here is a sneak peek of the collection:

Amazonian Monster (left) ; Scream Vege (middle), Rocketo (right)
  • Amazonian Monster — This monster is the protector of the amazonian jungle, if your are a hunter, lumberjack or just try to hurt the jungle you will face this monster and his fury.
  • Scream Vege — A giant vegetable that shocked and injured the players in the dark.
  • Rocketo — Rocketo is a metaverse avatar,his armored structure has a jet turbine inside able to grant him extra speed during jumps and sprint animation — CF Platformer Set .
12A : go man-do (left) ; Wasteland chaser (middle) ; Ashleriana the Spider Queen (right)
  • 12A : go man-do — Go Man-Do, a great mercenary from Korea.
  • Wasteland chaser — You can’t escape from these flying bandits!
  • Ashleriana the Spider Queen — Ashleriana the Spider Queen!! She’ll be waiting in the dark, and ensnare anyone who dare to enter her nest!
Classy Swan (left) ; Lemur Skater (middle) ; Criminal Chemical Liquid Leader (right)
  • Classy Swan — This lovely gentleman is the coolest pet in the metaverse.
  • Lemur Skater — Get a ride on a skateboard with this Lemur Skater! Jump it all with a Kickflip! Ready to use as a player character for your games!
  • Criminal Chemical Liquid Leader — From warehouse to penthouse, men of every ambition need that extra edge over the competition. So they come to us, their friend in the shadows. The criminal chemical that makes dream true. And Liquid Leader realized his dream with an immortal body for as long as he has more chemical to revitalize himself none can challenge him. Part of the Criminal Chemical set.
Hopkinsville Goblin (left) ; Hammerhead humanoid (middle) ; Steampunk Robot Guardian (right)
  • Hopkinsville Goblin — These creatures are described to come down from green lights and floats through trees. They also make a sound resembling “bullets striking a metal bucket” when struck. In 1955, Twelve to Fifteen of these were said to have attacked a farmhouse in Kentucky, resulting in a four hour standoff between the creatures and the residents.
  • Hammerhead humanoid — A servant of the Dragon King who lives in the deep sea in the south. Quite ferocious.
  • Steampunk Robot Guardian — Steampunk robot heavily armed with a halberd and a drill. He moves around rolling the spheric core at the bottom.
Enemy Robot (left) ; Mad Flower (middle) ; Bug Deer (right)
  • Enemy Robot — Basic enemy : This robot is guarding every corner of the toy world. If you don’t get permission from this robot, you’ll be hit with his powerful punch.
  • Mad Flower — Beware of this cute moody flower, when it sees you it releases its venomous stinging bee. RUN!
  • Bug Deer — This is a bug deer. Although it is a deer, it is highly aggressive, so it can be used as a mob to attack people even in the game. Try hiding it among the deer. Players will be surprised.

See you on November 25th (3pm utc), on The Sandbox Marketplace!