Creator Fund’s January 2023 Highlights

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3 min readJan 24


We hope that you rested well during the end of year holidays, because the Creator Fund certainly did. And now it is back for a new year full of great and stylish NFTs!✨

20 new assets will be added to the Creator Fund collection on January 25th (3PM UTC).

The Collection

Here is a sneak peek of what January will bring👀

Crabbot Girl (left) ; Mage Cat Felicia (middle) ; Skater Penguin (right)
  • Crabbot Girl — A little girl with her robot friend looking for the hidden treasures in the pirate planets. Their adventures will be legendary, full of mysteries and riddles.
  • Mage Cat Felicia — Once thepet of great mage. It has absorbed knowledge and magical power through the lost magic wand.
  • Skater Penguin —The other penguins might be cool but this one is cooler.
Speek Shaker (left) ; Samurai Nightmare (middle) ; Construction Robot M01 (right)
  • Speed Shaker — thiis new car is recognized for reaching high speeds that conventional cars can’t.
  • Samurai Nightmare — The soul of a samurai revived in a nightmare world. He is confused by the situation.
  • Construction Robot M01 — This robot is for construction. The basic type moves on wheels, but it can transform into a biped walking robot. Which makes it efficient, even in rough areas. It can also be controlled remotely without a human being on board.
Large Elf Wizard Ayla (left) ; Bride and Groom (middle) ; Angry Stove (right)
  • Large Elf Wizard Ayla — Ayla is an Large Elf Wizard from a Solarpunk world. She defends her world and race by attacking enemies with powerful fire magic. Although she is usually mild-mannered, when her enemies anger her, she turns very scary and destroys everything on her path.
  • Bride and Groom — It’s so beautiful to see a wedding! This couple has all to make their dream come true! But it’s up to you to decide what will happen…
  • Angry Stove — Stay away of that hot charcoal. He’s angry now!!!
Sweet Barbarian (left) ; Hand Of Life (right)
  • Sweet Barbarian — A barbarian from the Land of Sweets. He likes to eat sweets.
  • Hand Of Life — Hands are the symbol of creating everything. The seed of life flew out of that hand. And butterflies represent the beauty of life.
Magic Frog Lamp (left) ; NIYA Icecream Cone Crab (right)
  • Magic Frog Lamp — Tap Wazzo’s nose to magically light the room!
  • NIYA Icecream Cone Crab—This hermit crab has the ability to change the color of its body according to the color of the ice cream. He also knows how to use magic that makes ice cream hard to melt.

See you January 25th (3PM UTC), on The Sandbox Marketplace!



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