Creator Fund’s June Highlights

Under the sea 🎶🐠

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3 min readJun 27, 2022


Another month, another Creator Fund’s Highlights. And for the month of June 2022, the theme is the ocean.🌊

19 assets will be added to the Creator Fund collection on June 28th (3pm UTC). They’re perfect for thoses who wish to create an aquatic experience on the Game Maker!

The NFTs

Here is a sneak peek of what’s coming!

  • Giant Oceanic Dragon — An ancient and huge dragon from the darkest abiss. Are you ready to face it? Note: Usable both as underwater, as flying and on land creature.
  • Deep Sea Speeder — This speeder is a mix of technology from a lost undersea empire and modern engineering. The bounty hunters of the deep use these steads to travel vast distances in search of their prize. While the speeder itself sports no offensive ability, I wouldn’t be too sure about the bounty hunter astride!
  • Lobster — The chance of catching a blue lobster is estimated at about one-in-two-million.
  • Horror Anglerfish — In the deep ocean, if you see a little shiny fish and want to catch it. Don’t do that, or you’ll be caught in its mouth.
  • Snorkel MonkeyAfter eating bananas this monkey likes to explore the sea snorkeling.
  • Glowing Stingray — It glows beautifully and causes pain. Be sure that you have a weapon against him!
  • Octopus With Treasure Chest — An octopus is guarding a chest with a valuable item. I wonder what’s inside?
  • Chad On A Boat “Chad’s first appearance” — The Chad Series
  • Pink Mermaid The little pink mermaid is happy for her sister’s trip to the moon. She hopes that one day she could find what she really wants.

If you‘d like to know what the Creator Fund has been making for the month of May, have a look at our CF NFT Showcase page!



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