Creator Fund’s September 2022 Highlights

Welcome to the music fest!🎵🤘

The Collection

26 NFTs will be added to the Creator Fund’s collection on September 23rd (3pm utc). Here is a sneak peek:

Sexy Bunny Singer (left) ; Rock Snake Man (middle) ; DJ Teddy (right)
  • Sexy Bunny Singer — Her music, her outfit, her body… everything about her is sexy. Take a deep breath so that the spectacle of this Sexy Bunny will take your breath away.
  • Rock Snake Man — Get ready to be bitten by rock and receive a good dose of the best music, you will lose control of your body and you will not be able to do anything but raise your hands and shake your head while enjoying the best show in the world. I hope you have gone to the bathroom before, because from now on you are already a slave to rock 🤘!
  • DJ Teddy — Are you ready for a good party with its corresponding after? Our dear dj I am sure can organize a very crazy one like you never imagined.
DJ Sonic Red (left) ; Party Animal (middle) ; Boombox Party DJ (right)
  • DJ Sonic Red — Red Version DJ Booth produce better bass. Especially designed for loud music lover.
  • Party Animal — Who needs sleep when you can party?
  • Boombox Party DJ — Party in style with this oversized boombox DJ booth guaranteed to blow your socks off.
12A: Red Pants (left) ; Post Apocalypse Punk Band (middle) ; Mini Mariachi (right)
  • 12A: Red Pants — Best guitarist in a heavy metal band in red pants.
  • Post Apocalypse Punk Band — A sick and mad punk metal band of a post apocalyptic world. They love just one thing: to play fast and badass riffs.
  • Mini Mariachi — This little friend represents the culture of typical Mexican music. Traditional mariachis have two or more musicians dressed in regional clothing, inspired by the charro suit, who perform a wide repertoire of songs accompanied by string instruments.
  • DJ Little Dog truck — Unusual truck with an unusual DJ
  • Coffee Box with а Cat —During the music festival, buy a frappuccino and meet a local celebrity. You should know, he loves to get his tummy scratched. Wait, wat da pisi doing?!
  • Lola: White Angels Band — Lola plays an unnamed homemade stringed musical instrument. But its melodic sound, somewhat reminiscent of the Chinese pipa, fits perfectly into the overall style of the White Angels Band.
Otaku Leader (left) ; Guitarist in a Punk Rock Band (middle) ; LM Mask Dance Male (right)
  • Otaku Leader — He’s sure to liven up the concert!
  • Guitarist in a Punk Rock Band — Guitarist who loves punk rock. Equipped with multiple original performance animations including Lead Guitar, Palm Mute, and Funk, etc.
  • LM Mask Dance Male — Bongsan Mask Dance is a mask dance performed at the market once a year. They lightened the satire about the poor lives of the common people and the aristocracy.
Animal Symphony Rabbit Violin (left) ; ZZ Robot Scorpion (middle) ; Pink Drummer (right)
  • Animal Symphony Rabbit Violin — A cute violin player with a rabbit clothing, he have fantastic violin skills. He can wearing bunny mask in the combat.
  • ZZ Robot Scorpion — This is the robot Scorpion. It looks scary, but it’s well programmed, so it follows people well. It has an attack function to protect people, and it also serves as a guide to light up the dark places with a tail lamp in the evening.
  • Pink Drummer — This drummer comes from the future and brings new , fresh beats!

Don’t forget to check out the Creator Fund collection on September 23rd (3pm UTC)!



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