Creator Fund’s “Water World Prelude!” NFT Collection

Another month, another Creator Fund Collection. For the month of August 2022, The Creator Fund is taking you deep below the surface…

What will you find in the realms that not even the sunlight can reach? Only the braves can tell.

The Water World Prelude! pack will be added to the Creator Fund collection on August 2nd (3pm UTC).

The NFTs

Here is a sneak peek of the collection!

Fish King (left) ; Giant Turtle (middle) ; Footballfish Submarine (right)
  • Fish King — Watch out for it’s deadly trident.
  • Giant Turtle — One of the protectors of the ocean. They will deal with any intruders that threaten their friends.
  • Footballfish Submarine — A submarine of the type of footballfish. Leave it to us to explore the seabed!
Shell Treasure House (left) ; Giant Sea Monster (middle) ; Jellyfish Princess (right)
  • Shell Treasure House — It has long been said to exist deep in the ocean floor, but no one has confirmed its existence. People dive to the bottom of the sea, dreaming of getting rich.
  • Giant Sea Monster — Giant sea monsters is a deep sea predator that have evolved from crustaceans such as lobsters and crabs, often swimming slowly in order to camouflage while searching for food. But when the desired victim is found the body will emit light to intimidate the victim. with its large and strong claws rapidly leaping towards its prey.
  • Jellyfish Princess — Princess of the Sea Moon Empire, which is said to be somewhere in the depths of the ocean.
Radiant Whale Shark (left) ; Manta Ray (middle) ; Underwater Art Buddha (right)
  • Radiant Whale Shark — The origin of the luminescence of these humble giants remains a mystery.
  • Manta Ray — Some says this fish is magic.
  • Underwater Art Buddha — Buddha water sculpture, visited every year by many tourists for its great beauty and tranquility that it reflects.
Hackerhead Shark (left) ; Modular Crossroads: Underwater Base (middle) ; Submarine Base OCH-32 (right)
  • Hackerhead Shark — Hackerhead Shark is a bio mechanic hammerhead shark cyborg. It has been modified to survive endlessly as long as the correct maintenance is done periodically. It can also be user controlled to hack your enemies through the stealth of the deep sea.
  • Modular Crossroads: Underwater Base — This is a modular crossroads that easily connects with other similar parts. It is optimized for the LAND “grid” and is very easy to install via SHIFT. It is perfectly optimized for installation under water. Unleash your imagination and build a real huge structure!
  • Submarine Base OCH-32 — Perfect for protecting yourself from sea monsters, this base was developed with the most resistant materials.
Electric Eel (left) ; Barrel Submarine (middle) ; Lobster Human (right)
  • Electric Eel — This electric eel is not an aggressive creature, but it can deliver a strong electric shock when it feels threatened. Be careful when approaching, and be careful not to bump into such a creature along your path.
  • Barrel Submarine — Vintage Submarine made by woods. Move by old turbine technology but trust me this very cool
  • Lobster Human — The lobsterhuman lives in a tribe in the sea.
Giant clam (left) ; Octopus (right) ; Mutant Axolotl (right)
  • Giant clam — Be careful not to get your feet caught!
  • Octopus — Expressive octopus.
  • Mutant Axolotl — The polluted and radioactive environment turned the small axolotls into much larger and stronger creatures than before, they are very elusive and will defend their territory to the death.
Happy Axolotl (left) ; Seaweed (middle) ; Underwater Robot (right)
  • Happy Axolotl — A happy yellow, orange, and red colored axolotl to be used as a swimming creature!
  • Seaweed — Seaweed for decoration of the sea…
  • Underwater Robot — A robot for exploring deeps of seas and oceans.
Beautiful Sea Anemone (left) ; Vavilivian Citizen (middle) ; Transparent Eyes (right)
  • Beautiful Sea Anemone — In the sea, there is a strange shape, but if you look closely, you can see a beautiful anemone in motion. And if you look more closely, you can see tiny air bubbles, which are very cute.
  • Vavilivian Citizen — Representative of an ancient underwater race.
  • Transparent Eyes — To live in the darkness of the sea, the eyes and body responded to the environment and became a transparent and unique fish.

Don’t forget to check out the Creator Fund collection on August 2nd (3pm UTC)!



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