Creator’s Focus: Deadmau5 by Bomkus (Trial 4) and Lab Rats (Trial 5).

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4 min readNov 30, 2023

A behind the scenes look into the creation of Dr. Bomkus’ Trials.

Creator’s Focus is a six-part series focused on the game creation process of Dr. Bomkus’ Trials and its unique gameplay features.

deadmau5 by Bomkus:

The moon crowd is dressed to party. Anticipation fills the air. Experience Dr. Bomkus’ version of deadmau5’s Tower of Light.

Deadmau5 by Bomkus is the fourth challenge in Dr. Bomkus’ Trials, a series of six experiences designed to test your speed, wits, agility, and more. This trial is a remix of the original deadmau5’: Temple of Light experience that was launched during The Sandbox Alpha Season 3. This installment has players racing to the beat of a deadmau5 mix created specifically for The Sandbox.

  • Light VFX
  • In-game Shop
  • Video Stream

Insights from the Level Design Team:

“The main inspiration for this trial was a sound and light show I saw projected on a tower in the middle of London a few years ago. From that light show, we decided to extract the tower, illuminated from all sides, and make it the centerpiece of the experience. As such, it contains the vast majority of the content to which players have access.

After many discussions with the narrative team, the project was launched. Our mission was to build a huge tower in a Martian desert in which the “Tweezers” had gone mad after being forced to listen to deadmau5’s mix for an eternity. As a Level Designer, building a desert map is always a challenge. But I think we’ve achieved it by being attentive to the pace of the player’s progression throughout the experience. The quests don’t require a lot of back and forth but rather a tour of the map through many entertaining animations.

deadmau5 is a DJ known for his electro-progressive music. Therefore, it was imperative to transpose this style into this experience. The assets, animations, and even the level design were created with a certain rhythm in mind. The player jumps from platform to platform, in a flashy sci-fi decor, almost on beat with the background music, which is a playlist created by deadmau5 himself!

The experience was already live during Season 3, but we brought it back for Dr. Bomkus’ Trials in a brand new style. In this latest version, all the new visual features of the 0.8 Game Maker have been added, such as VFX, lights, streaming video, and more. These reinforce the project’s original motive: to offer a multiplayer sound and light show!”

Lab Rats:

Can you cooperate? For a while. Join forces then go for it and fend for yourself. There is strength in numbers but there can be only one!

Dive into the first co-op experience by The Sandbox, this experience has been designed to enhance interaction between players with quests that can be completed faster through your teammate participation.

Experience Block-Out
  • Crowd Engagement

Insights from the Level Design Team:

“We decided to create a challenge where players have to play together in order to improve their time. As we need to have only one winner, we divided the challenge in two parts by adding a “free for all” race at the end.

In order to bring more diversity, we’ve added a few puzzle games showcasing what can be done with the Game Maker. Not to mention new features such as Lighting and Visual Effects.The theme of the XP revolves around a Behavioral Analysis led by Dr.Bomkus itself: what happens when we force players to compete after having successfully cooperated? On the side, players may find the research facility where the strings are pulled.”

After Dr. Bomkus’ Trials conclude, you will be able to find the experience templates in the Game Maker. Make the trials your own, test out the new features, and publish your own challenges!

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