Crypto Crystal NFT Collection

Shine bright like a Crypto Crystal!✨💎

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3 min readApr 22, 2022


They are cute, they are shiny, they are the Crypto Crystals! The Crypto Crystal collection is coming straight from Japan to bring some sparkles to your LAND (and your wallet).

Let’s have a look at the trailer!

14 assets will be available for sale on The Sandbox marketplace on April 23rd at 3pm utc!

The NFTs

  • Alexandrite — Crypto Crystal: Mysterious rock refered to as “god’s mischief”. Changes color during the day and night.
  • Gold — Crypto Crystal: King of all metal. Often kept by the rich.
  • Iron — Crypto Crystal: Most used mineral to support modern human society.
  • Emerald — Crypto Crystal: Green gemstone cherished by Cleopatra. Represents the wisdom.
  • Garnet — Crypto Crystal: Firey-red stone, said to be a gift of love.
  • Alexandrite Ruck — Crypto Crystal: God’s mischief backpack.
  • Gold Helm — Crypto Crystal: Gold Helm.
  • Crystal staff — Crypto Crystal: Rock crystal rod.
  • Garnet Shield — Crypto Crystal: Garnet shield.
  • Alexandrite Diorama — Crypto Crystal: mysterious shrine
  • Gold Diorama — Crypto Crystal: gold cave
  • Iron Diorama — Crypto Crystal: sacred iron land
  • Emerald Diorama — Crypto Crystal: emerald rock
  • Garnet Diorama — Crypto Crystal: land of ores

See you on The Sandbox marketplace on April 23rd at 3pm utc!



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