Cryptoween by Paris Hilton

Help the Queen of the Metaverse to organize the greatest Halloween party!

The Sandbox
6 min readOct 19, 2022

The Sandbox is teaming up with Paris Hilton’s 11:11 Media to extend Cryptoween, a Halloween themed virtual experience onto the platform. The limited-time multiplayer experience is The Sandbox’s its first ever in-game Halloween holiday-themed partner experience and will be live and open to all from 21 October through 7 November.

Cryptoween is set in a colorful fantasy land where Paris is hosting an immersive party — but needs the player’s help. By completing social challenges and in-game quests such as learning the meaning of #Sliving , collecting Halloween candy, and lifting an evil baron’s curse, players will get to participate in a raffle that will grant them a chance to win SAND and NFT rewards.

View the Cryptoween trailer here:

Created by 1:11 Media, a global media company founded by Paris Hilton and entertainment veteran Bruce Gersh, Cryptoween will empower Paris Hilton fans around the world to celebrate her favorite holiday, Halloween, together for the first time in The Sandbox, engaging with her in a uniquely immersive way.

Complete Social Challenges and in-game quests, collect Candies 🍬 to participate in a Raffle that will grant you chances to win SAND and NFTs rewards!

Take a look at the rewards below:

500,000 SAND
10,000 Players will receive 50 SAND

Whitelists for a free avatar from the UNREVEALED Paris Hilton Collection

100 NFTs
Diamond Baby NFT from the Paris Hilton Collection

All participants will receive the Cryptoween Memorabilia

The NFT Collection

The collection is composed of 8 Entities and 13 Equipments. Accessories can be equiped in single player experiences right now!

Each NFT comes with gems that boost the asset’s traits and allow you to custom your game experience. To know more about Catalysts & Gems, please consult our gitbook.

The collection will be live on October 21st (3pm UTC), on The Sandbox Marketplace!

  • Diamond Baby (25 SAND) — This tiny Chihuahua is three pounds of pure love.
    Just like Paris, you can feel your heart rise when you see your best friend in The Sandbox!
  • Paris Tiara (75 SAND)—This lovely tiara will let everyone know you’re the queen of your own world.
  • Paris Wings (500 SAND)— Like Paris says: “Life is too short to blend in.” Equip these amazing colorful wings and stand out from the crowd!
  • Heart Glasses (75 SAND)—These beautiful glasses will have everyone looking at you with heart eyes! Why not look AH-MAZING while exploring the metaverse?
  • Fingerless Gloves (100 SAND)— Protect your hands while showing off your manicured nails. Fashion and function unite, no matter which challenges you face!
  • Speed Shoes (75 SAND)— Wanna run fast and look chic at the same time? How far will you go when you get inspired by its majesty?
  • Halloween Backpack Bat (200 SAND) — Both practical and scary with its fangs and wings, this is the stylish bat backpack you need to travel the metaverse hands-free!
  • Halloween Backpack Pumpkin (200 SAND) — Pump-kin up your Halloween style with this backpack. With its toothy grin, the jack-o’-lantern will keep the monsters off your back!
  • Cat Tiara (75 SAND) — Who hasn’t dreamed of looking like a sexy cat? Wearing this glittery cat tiara, you’ll be the fanciest feline in the metaverse!
  • Farming Life Paris Pitchfork (150 SAND)—Want to feel like a true farmer? Put your boots on and prepare for serious farming activities with the coolest pitchfork in the place.
  • Paris Halloween Mask (200 SAND) — Witchy powers await you with this Halloween mask. Prepare for serious trouble!
  • Dog Helmet (200 SAND)— Make friends fur-ever while ensuring no villains hound you with this paw-some Halloween dog helmet!
  • Dog Mask (75 SAND) — Feel like a ferociously cute puppy by wearing this Dog Mask! Be as playful or as naughty as you want, just don’t forget to give the puppy dog eyes!
  • Paris DJ Headphones (75 SAND)— Rock the decks like DJ Paris with these glittering headphones… You’ll be ready to unleash shimmering grooves and pump out swaying beats!
  • Paris DJ Statue (75 SAND)—Celebrate the diva of the decks, Paris Hilton! This statue will make any nightclub or party scene an instant hit with Paris posed to rock the crowd.
  • Queen of the Metaverse (50 SAND)— Who’s the Queen of the Metaverse? Paris is, of course! Every time she appears she brings the magic of Sliving.
  • Burning Man Paris (50 SAND)—How does this Paris get ready for Burning Man? By donning the guise of a valkyrie, complete with killer shades. Get ready to burn in style.
  • Tracksuit Paris (50 SAND) — Fitness is NEVER out of style. This Paris character can do her morning exercises and then hit the dance floor without changing outfits! Trés chic!
  • 21st Birthday Paris (50 SAND)—A 21-year-old Paris: the most ingenious ingenue and the most dazzling debutante in the metaverse!
  • Paris The Cook (50 SAND)— Some cooks wear a frumpy apron… Not Paris! She never spills anything, so why not wear a stunning red dress to spice up the kitchen!
  • Farming Life Paris (50 SAND)—Paris is set to make farming fashionable in this elegant ensemble. Rural pastimes have never looked better!

To know more about ASSETs and their utility, please consult our Gitbook.