D.OASIS City and Warrix Sport Celebrate a Decade with
‘Rise of the 10th Legend’ in The Sandbox

The Sandbox
2 min readAug 23, 2023

D.OASIS first revealed the transformative entertainment D.OASIS City as it promised alongside WARRIX, the iconic sportswear brand licensed to produce Thailand’s national team jerseys.

Launching today, this electrifying gaming adventure empowers users to dive head first into D.OASIS City x WARRIX: Rise of the 10th Legend! — The Ultimate Sports and Entertainment City Experience you were waiting for!

Immerse yourself in a unique sports entertainment experience, where you’re not just playing the game, but you ARE the top national athlete. And let’s run deep into more than a decade of legendary sports stories and embark on this sensational journey.

Show the world you’re the best — the №1.

Inside the D.OASIS City x WARRIX: Rise of the 10th Legend, you’ll discover the Warrix Shop — a virtual store bursting with exclusive items. From various editions of Thailand’s national team jerseys, blending the digital and real worlds, to top-notch digital sports assets that perfectly blend the essence of sports and the brand’s uniqueness. Plus, compete in games, challenge yourself, unleash your competitive spirit, and take on extreme sports levels that guarantee non-stop fun!

But the thrill doesn’t stop there!

🎁 Join us for your chance to win exclusive NFTs! 🎁

Complete all quests for a chance at winning NFTs from the 10 Years Warrix Collection raffle reward pool, including

💯 100 x Basketball Armour NFTs
💯 100 x Mr. Basketball Head NFTs
💯 100 x Speed Shoe NFTs
💯 100 x Golf Clubs Blade NFfs

🎁 Requirement to enter the rewards giveaway 🎁

✅ Complete all the quests of the Experience.
✅ Have a KYC (verified) account. (Find more info here)
✅Pass the Fraud checked (multi-account by IP, device, or blockchain transaction)

About D.OASIS:
D.OASIS is a consultancy agency for NF Ts and metaverse providing asset development and marketing solutions focusing on brand-building and presence on Web 3.0. We are backed by top-tiered Thai companies including Warrix Sports, Dhurakij Pundit University, Index Creative Village, Eventpass, Prakit advertising with over 50 corporate and celebrity partners, as of to date. We use our creativity combined with the latest NFT, blockchain technology and virtual/augmented reality, to deliver metaverse-ready digital collectibles and entertainment experiences for our brand partners. Please visit www.doasis.io for more information.