deadmau5' Tower of Light NFT Collection

The Collection

  • Analog Console — Mix your levels, EQ vocals, and more with this mixing board! The secrets of great music can be unlocked with this monster console!
  • Centipede Car — After many trips to the mechanic, this limousine emerged looking like its true self. Don’t let its legs fool you: it can still move very fast!
  • Grass Guy — Fields of Grass Guys are known to spread across stages at deadmau5 concerts, which is a sight to behold.
  • Machine Suit — It’s unclear how many people are inside this machine suit, but they appear to be having a good time dancing to the music!
  • Monument Cube — What’s strange about this monument cube is that it’s thousands of years old…
  • Porta Potty — Your greatest companion, your best friend, your loyal guardian, your god… A porta potty when you need it is a welcome sight indeed.
  • Spider — A spider whose life was changed after watching a few deadmau5 sets. Now it’s become more than a little obsessed!
  • Sweetbun Car Spaceship — Is it a car or a spaceship? It’s both, and it can go very, very fast… If only someone could find the keys to it!

About deadmau5‘ Tower of Light



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