deadmau5' Tower of Light NFT Collection

You enjoyed partying in deadmau5' Tower of Light in The Sandbox Alpha Season 3. Why don’t you bring a souvenir home? The deadmau5’s Tower of Light NFT collection is already available in The Sandbox Marketplace!

And don’t forget, purchasing an asset from this collection will grant you the “Collector Badge” that unlocks an extra reward of 30 SAND!

Go here to know more about The Tower of Light game experience!

The Collection

  • Analog Console — Mix your levels, EQ vocals, and more with this mixing board! The secrets of great music can be unlocked with this monster console!
  • Centipede Car — After many trips to the mechanic, this limousine emerged looking like its true self. Don’t let its legs fool you: it can still move very fast!
  • Grass Guy — Fields of Grass Guys are known to spread across stages at deadmau5 concerts, which is a sight to behold.
  • Machine Suit — It’s unclear how many people are inside this machine suit, but they appear to be having a good time dancing to the music!
  • Monument Cube — What’s strange about this monument cube is that it’s thousands of years old…
  • Porta Potty — Your greatest companion, your best friend, your loyal guardian, your god… A porta potty when you need it is a welcome sight indeed.
  • Spider — A spider whose life was changed after watching a few deadmau5 sets. Now it’s become more than a little obsessed!
  • Sweetbun Car Spaceship — Is it a car or a spaceship? It’s both, and it can go very, very fast… If only someone could find the keys to it!

Check out the collection!

About deadmau5‘ Tower of Light

The moon crowd is dressed to party. Anticipation fills the air. A black box is calling and a special breed of weirdos hold the key to the biggest mystery of all: where the heck is deadmau5??

The Tower of Light game experience is now playable in The Sandbox Alpha Season 3.



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