Digital Hollywood and The Sandbox partner to accelerate the creator economy through human resource development

A collaborative creator economy seminar will take place on July 9, 2022 and Digital Hollywood will offer new courses for voxel artists and game makers.

“We are confident that through this collaboration with The Sandbox and the jointly held courses, creators who earn money from digital content while moving back and forth between reality and the metaverse will emerge as an important part of a new digital society,” said Digital Hollywood President Tomoyuki Sugiyama. “At Digital Hollywood STUDIO, we have been teaching the creative skills necessary to live one’s own life, and I am happy to see that many of our graduates are leading lives that are uniquely their own. In the future, we will need more skills to work in the metaverse from anywhere in the world.”

“The Sandbox is a platform expressly designed to unlock the potential of creators, and as such, we strongly welcome our collaboration with Digital Hollywood to help talented Japanese creators get started building content for our open metaverse,” said Sebastien Borget, Co-Founder and COO of The Sandbox. “I look forward to sharing my thoughts on how creativity can lead to a career in the emerging new digital economy during our seminar.”

About The Sandbox Creator Economy Seminar at Digital Hollywood Tokyo Campus



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