Discontinuing the SAND <> MATIC staking pool

The Sandbox
2 min readOct 21, 2022

After 11 months of meritorious service, the SAND/MATIC staking program will come to an end on Tuesday October 25th, 2022.

The SAND/ MATIC program was introduced at the end of the last year for our first step into the Polygon network. After successfully deploying the SAND token on Polygon, we had decided to rewards our first-comers who brought some liquidity on the network.

Since then, 12,500,000 SAND have been distributed to The Sandbox community exclusively via the MATIC/SAND staking pool.

The discontinuation of this staking program is just the beginning of a new era. After launching on February 11th 2022 the SAND only staking pool open to everyone, and the SAND staking for LAND owners on September 22th 2022, The Sandbox will still continue to reward our community through different staking programs.

As of today, we are distributing 500,000 SAND per week!

You still can claim or withdraw your funds, but no more deposit will be allowed. Here is a step by step to withdraw your LP tokens:

  • Claim & Withdraw all your LP token from our staking pool.

But fear not, The Sandbox continues to offer strong rewards for the SAND only staking pool and the SAND staking pool for LAND owners!

If you are a LAND owner, you can stake up to 500 SAND per LAND you own: with more than 140% APR at the present time! If you’re not a LAND owner yet, we invite you to join the club and become one by buying LANDs on the secondary market: https://opensea.io/collection/sandbox

Stay tuned for more in the coming weeks!

PS: don’t forget, being a LAND owner gets you extra rewards and exclusive features access!