Dive Into Om Nom’s Social Hub in The Sandbox!

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3 min readAug 10, 2023

Through our partnership with ZeptoLab, the international game development studio behind Cut the Rope, we are very excited to bring you an Om Nom-inspired event!

Om Nom, our adorable green monster friend, and the Cut the Rope universe are more than just the games that have amassed 1.6B downloads — there are also Om Nom Stories, cartoon series, comics, books, and podcasts. As a new extension of Cut the Rope’s foray into The Sandbox, we are bringing Om Nom on a new adventure.

Here’s everything you need to know!

Join Us in Om Nom’s Social Hub

Om Nom’s origin is still a mystery. Some say he was created by a scientist, others that he was born in a cardboard box — no one knows the truth. Will you be the one to uncover it?

Om Nom’s Social Hub combines the familiar magic of Cut the Rope with new opportunities to play in our virtual worlds. Players will feel like they were transported into a whole new realm.

“We started with a desire to give players of The Sandbox a chance to get immersed in the signature feel of the Cut the Rope franchise and to meet its famous characters. Of course, this meant exciting adventures involving candy and making friends (because Om Nom loves making friends)! We were thrilled to combine the familiar magic of Cut the Rope with the new opportunities to play provided by The Sandbox virtual world. As a result, players will get a feeling that they have been transported into a whole new world — permeated with nostalgia but full of fresh challenges.” — Kristina Truvaleva, Business Development Director at ZeptoLab.

We are providing players a chance to get immersed in the signature feel of the Cut the Rope franchise and meet its famous characters. This of course means exciting adventures involving candy and making friends!

Available to play

🎮 August 10th-18th


🎁 120,000 SAND Shared Pool to be shared among Om Nom avatar Holders that complete all quests and in-game requirements.

📦 Om Nom’s Money Box (An IRL prize that we’ll send you!). This reward is exclusively reserved for 1:1 avatar holders who pass all Om Nom’s Social Hub quests!

We look forward to continuing to create action-packed experiences alongside ZeptoLab as The Sandbox continues to grow as the premiere virtual world for creators, players, and collectors. We can’t wait to see your adventures through Om Nom’s Social Hub!

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