Dr. Bomkus’ Snapshot Imminent!

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4 min readOct 17, 2023

Calling all players around the world!

We’ve just announced our next exciting upcoming event: Dr. Bomkus’ Trials Event, which will feature fierce competition across six worlds, beginning October 25th.

Now, it’s time to prepare for a pass distribution!

Here’s everything you need to know.

A wallet snapshot covering our NFT owners will occur on October 19th at 4:00 pm UTC to prepare for the pass distribution.

Passes will come in the form of an exclusive NFT that will grant access to the new Dr. Bomkus’ Trials Event.

What does it mean?

We will note the contents of your wallet at the specified snapshot time in order to determine whether you will be placed on the allowlist to mint a pass for FREE on October 20th and begin the trials!

What needs to be in my wallet?

Players who own one of the following NFTs will be added to the allowlist when the snapshot occurs:

  • A The Sandbox LAND — Get yours!
  • A The Sandbox Avatar or an interoperable avatar from an external collection — Get yours!

HEAD5 by deadmau5
Clay Nation
The Underwatch
Queens+Kings by Hackatao
Funguy Family
GORJS Collection: Oneirastria by Craves
GORJS Collection: Naturally Digital by Aurorae
GORJS Collection: Intermediate State by Curry Tian
GORJS Collection: Hyperdivine Euphoria by Jonathan Plesel
GORJS Collection: Apogee by Thibault Zeller
GORJS Collection: Disintegration by Terry Gates
GORJS Collection: 0N0PE by Maxime Hacquard
GORJS Collection: Opulent Souls by Bloo Woods
GORJS Collection: Tek-Nova by Eurosadboy
Community Collection
AstroGator Fam
OctoHedz VX
Junkyard Dogs VX
X-Moose OG
Thunderbirds International Rescue Club
The Zzoopers Genesis
The User Collection
The Lockeys
Scaredy Cubits — What Scares You?
RENS x The Sandbox
Mutant Cats
Meta Bounty Huntress
Meta Bounty Hunters
Lucky Miners
Cosmic-Labs: Mutants VX
Cosmic-Labs: Genesis VX
Cosmic-Labs: Fusion VX
Cosmic-Labs: Babies VX
DystoPunks VX
Demigods Of Rock
World of Women Galaxy
World of Women
CyberKongz VX (Polygon)
CyberKongz VX
Stickmen Toys
Bored Mummy Waking Up
Gorilla Nemesis
Lazy Lions
WVRPS by WarpSound
Pixlton — The Awkward NFT Town
Scaredy Cubits Genesis by Misoo x Daz 3D
The Woo Young-Woo
OCM Karma
The MonstroCities
Jungle Freaks Genesis
Rumble Kong League
VoxoDeus Avatars
Gutter Clones
Shark Boy Fight Club
Gods Of Rock
Gutter Pigeons
Gutter Cats
Gutter Rats
Gutter Dogs
Cool Cats
Paris Hilton
Elvis Presley
Tsubasa Team Collection
ZeptoLab Om Nom Cut the Rope Avatars
The Wild Ones — DanceFight
Rabbids Lunar New Year Avatars
Steve Aoki
Snoop Dogg — The Doggies
LaMeloBall Avatars
Care Bears Avatars
The Playboy Party People
Olivex Gym A Club
The Unity Squad
Hell’s Kitchen
Fist of the North Star

** Caution: If you purchase the above NFTs after the snapshot, you won’t be eligible for this mint.

When will the Free mint happen?

The mint will open on October 20th at 4PM UTC. Keep an eye out for our subsequent announcements on our X account or on the official Dr Bomkus event page to get the latest updates.

We’ll see you in the trials!

— — — — — — — — — — —

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