Driving Community Engagement Through The Sandbox’s Builder’s Challenge

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6 min readJun 26, 2024


It’s not every day that game developers get the chance to win big prizes for their creations. But in The Sandbox, it’s becoming a trend! The first Builder’s Challenge sent top creators home with 1.5 million SAND. Now, it’s back with another huge prize pool!

The Builder’s Challenge leverages the formidable presence The Sandbox has established in the blockchain gaming space, positioning itself at the forefront of the metaverse revolution as a virtual world where players can build, own, and monetize their gaming experiences.

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Focus on Unique and Creative Content

Innovate within your game or experience by offering something new or a unique twist on existing genres. Use the latest features of Game Maker 0.10 to enhance gameplay and make your creations more engaging. Think about elements that can improve replayability — this could be through dynamic content, varying gameplay mechanics, or interactive storylines.

Publish: Your Experience Counts

The Builders’ Challenge calls on all creative minds to push the boundaries of gaming experience design within The Sandbox ecosystem. Participants can utilize the latest features from The Sandbox’s Game Maker 0.9.

However, the critical component for contenders is to focus on the First Time User Experience (FTUE) to ensure that players’ initial interactions are engaging and memorable. This phase is crucial as it sets the tone for user retention and interest. A good first-time experience is the best way to encourage Web2 gamers to migrate to Web3 games. This is why The Sandbox Builders’’ Challenge puts a special focus on the FTUE. A well-designed tutorial and engaging starter missions can significantly impact how new users perceive your game.

Engage: Captivate and Grow Your Audience

Once a game or experience is published, the next step is to master the art of engagement. An appealing Experience Page can make a significant difference. Optimizing the game’s title and description improves discoverability, while active social media promotion and collaboration with popular content creators can exponentially increase visibility. Use high-quality images, graphics, and videos to grab attention. If you’re organizing contests, make sure to share them on both your experience page and Twitter page.

The Sandbox encourages leveraging community events, streaming sessions, and other forms of content promotion to maintain and grow player interest over time. You can build a robust community presence by engaging with players on social media, forums, and within The Sandbox community spaces. Consider collaborations with influencers to drive traffic and engagement.

As a new creator ready to publish your experience, it’s crucial to be actively engaged within The Sandbox Community. Regularly interacting with your players and actively participating in community discussions will help you gather valuable feedback and build a loyal following. These interactions are essential as they provide insights that can significantly refine and improve your creations.

Case Studies of Successful Creators

One of the best ways to learn is by studying the accomplishments of your peers. Below, we spotlight a few strategies that have worked for previous participants who have effectively engaged their communities and seen significant success.

First-Time User Experience (FTUE)

Bincoverse’s first-place game, BINCO FORBIDDEN HARVEST, had a captivating first-time user experience (FTUE) that engaged and retained players. A riveting video introduction explained the game’s principles, storyline, and the thrill of running an illegal farm. This introductory video helped new players understand the game’s concept and set expectations. Bincoverse also encouraged users to watch metaverse live streams for real-time participation and development recommendations. This approach bridged the gap between game content and community engagement.

A directed invite to join Bincoverse Discord also helped develop a strong community base. The platform became a hub for player engagement, strategy sharing, and support, improving social aspects, retention, and exploration. Bincoverse created a varied and active community by inviting new participants and making them feel valued. These FTUE tactics ensured a memorable and engaging initial experience and pushed users to keep playing and climb the leaderboard, affecting player retention and competitive play.


Leaderboard Systems

Effective leaderboard systems nurture competitive environments that keep players returning.

  • Bincoverse’s BINCO FORBIDDEN HARVEST integrated a dynamic leaderboard that was central to its gameplay, contributing to its first-place finish.
  • zzangddoru’s 🐼RUN! PANDAPONG🐼 also utilized a leaderboard, securing a high engagement level by continuously updating and rewarding top players, reflecting its effectiveness with a top-tier placement.

Zzangddoru Leaderboard for Run Panda Pong dated April 7, 2024

Community Activity on Twitter and Live Operations

Using social media and live events to engage players beyond the game environment can significantly enhance player retention and satisfaction.

  • Bincoverse’s Twitch live operations changed how players interact with the game. The fans could engage via Q&A and live gameplay during the streams. This direct communication with other players allowed participants to share strategies and FUD in real-time. These interactions empowered players, deepening their connection with the Bincoverse. This approach went a long way in transforming viewership into a dynamic, engaging community, increasing player engagement and loyalty.
  • YGRAM’s Aeko and Friends: EP.1 Number Maze utilized live operations to create interactive, real-time events that aligned well with educational content, making it a standout example in the LiveOps category.
  • LUCIDITY leveraged live operations for Shadows Untold: BLOOD ISLAND, enhancing narrative depth and player involvement through community-driven events.


Incentivize with Creator-Issued Tokens

Tokens can incentivize gameplay and community participation, creating a unique economic model within the game.

  • Metafutura’s Legend of Miners was a prime example of this strategy. The team implemented a token distribution system that engaged players by rewarding participation with $MYO tokens, enhancing community value and support.


Collaborations and Cross-Promotions

Strategic collaborations can expand reach and inject fresh content, stimulating sustained player engagement.

  • Metaguild Studio’s Mystical Dungeon featured collaborative live operations, which effectively increased its visibility and participation within the gaming community.


  • Facbros organized a massive event with other creators. Using Zealy, a new quest system was created that led to increased engagement. This event not only captivated the existing audience but also attracted new players, demonstrating the power of well-executed partnerships and technology in enriching gaming experiences.

Collaboration amongst other creators with Facbros leading the way

The strategies employed by these creators not only enhanced individual player experiences but also nourished a vibrant, engaged community within The Sandbox ecosystem. By understanding the successful tactics and their implementations, new creators can gain valuable insights into community engagement and growth potential within The Sandbox.