FlickPlay x The Sandbox

The first of many collections released by FlickPlay!

The Sandbox
3 min readApr 18, 2022

The Metaverse Social Platform, Flickplay, is partnering with The Sandbox!

Through this partnership, The Sandbox community will be able to own a Flicky, and claim different Sandbox utilities tied to Flicky Traits; Flickys that hold The Sandbox Land will get a piece of LAND in The Sandbox Metaverse, Flickys that wear The Sandbox Hoddie will get a Voxelized version of Flicky and Flickys that have the SAND aura around them will receive SAND tokens. You need to have the Flicky with the Sandbox trait in your wallet in order to claim the utilities.

You will be able to mint it on the FlickyGang website, or capture them FOR FREE in the FlickPlay map. To be able to capture them in the map you just need to download FlickPlay, open the map, and Find Flickys around you.

Date of the mint will be announced on both FlickPlay, FlickyGang, and The Sandbox social channels!

Holders of a Flicky will be able to build the social status of their Flicky by flexing them in the real world and creating videos with them. Coming soon they will also be able to use their Flicky in The Sandbox Game. In the next phase of the partnership every Sandbox Assets will be able to be displayed in AR through FlickPlay, as well as giving access to all The Sandbox Collections to geolocate NFTs in the real world through Flickplay map.

Traits are accessories, items, and assets that Flicky NFTs hold, for example fashion items like virtual shoes and clothes that allow access to a claimable physical version of those fashion items. Through this partnership, The Sandbox community will be able to own a Flicky, and claim different Sandbox utilities tied to Flicky Traits, some of which can be seen below:

  • 10 Flickys will hold a piece of Sandbox LAND as a trait, which will give them access to a plot of LAND in The Sandbox
  • 50 Flickys that wear the Sandbox Hoodie will receive a Voxelized version of Flicky.

This will grant a voxel version of “Flicky” sellable or claimable on The Sandbox website — users will claim their code on the FlickPlay app to claim their Voxel Flicky on The Sandbox website which would live in their metamask wallet, alternatively, users can sell these NFTs in OpenSea and other markets

  • 140 FlickyGang NFTs — Will grant 50 SAND tokens to FlickPlay users

About FlickPlay

FlickPlay is a Metaverse Social Platform that bridges the physical and the digital world. FlickPlay allows users to find NFTs and Flicks (FlickPlay Centralized Collectibles) in real-world locations in the FlickMap. FlickPlay camera allows users to flex their NFTs in the real world using Augmented Reality (AR). FlickPlay interface authenticates and allows IRL utilities associated with the NFT traits to be claimed.

About FlickyGang

FlickyGang are 5,555 Unique 3D creatures living on the Ethereum blockchain. Each Flicky has a life of its own, and its traits based on human experiences and emotions highlight its personality and extend the reality of its holders.