GamerHash partners with The Sandbox to bring 700 000 gamers to the metaverse (+ interview)

The first Polish Studio developing in The Sandbox Metaverse!

The Sandbox
6 min readJun 7, 2022


We are happy to announce our new partnership with GamerHash, an ecosystem that allow its users share their computing power by simply running the GamerHash app in the background to receive cryptocurrencies in return!

Through the acquisition of a 6x6 ESTATE, Gamerhash is planning on releasing several games experiences, the first being TRAVERSE: Mars is Mine.

The GamerHash community consists of over 700 000 gamers globally who understand the world of crypto and mining. We believe that this partnership is a great introduction to get hands-on experience on how NFTs, crypto, and metaverse work together — while having a lot of fun!

“The GamerHash was known for being a great crypto & gaming community, and now appears to be even better at creating metaverse experiences. The true adoption we seek at The Sandbox will come with web2 gamers, and this partnership is a great example of how big the gaming community can join The Sandbox and the crypto gaming world in general.” — Sebastien Borget (COO) The Sandbox

“We have known each other with The Sandbox team for quite some time from Blockchain Game Alliance membership, it’s always been a pleasure to work with them. The project is constantly pushing the boundaries of what metaverse, gaming & blockchain is. This is why at GamerHash we are very keen on working together to unleash even more of the creative power — especially with our very strong Polish discord with the growing Sandbox builders community” — Artur Pszczolkowski (CMO) GamerHash

About TRAVERSE: Mars is Mine!

Astro, the brand hero of GamerHash, is getting his own story! Gamerhash’s first game in The Sandbox Metaverse will be about Astro discovering new places.

The GamerHash Play&Earn module will be used to incentivize the whole community to get to the metaverse. There will be a time factor included and other players (leaderboard) too.

The game will be released in Autumn. During the wait (summer) Gamerhash will prepare many other fun marketing activities (also in Metaverses 👀) for the GamerHash community. So keep an eye on our social media! Very cool NFTs are incoming — you will get a chance to grab some useful NFTs from both GamerHash and The Sandbox ecosystems!

Exclusive interview with GamerHash


We had the pleasure to interview Artur Pszczolkowski, CMO at GamerHash, where he shared various stories such as the team, service, collaborated content and vision in the interview.

Q. Let’s start with a self-introduction.

My name is Artur Pszczolkowski, I’m the CMO of GamerHash. I have been working in the digital industry for over 15 years. I entered crypto over 5 years ago and since the beginning, I’ve decided this is the future that I want to contribute to. Since then, I’ve taken an active part in a couple of crypto projects in Poland, and have invested in a few dozen more from all over the world. Currently, I dedicate 120% of my time to expanding GamerHash, flying all over the world, speaking at conferences and building a network of cool partnerships for GamerHash. Now, I’m on the lookout for great experiences & values for our 700.000+ gamers.

Q. Tell us about ‘GamerHash’

GamerHash was officially created in 2017 by two friends, but ideas and blockchain experience were built long before. Its concept is very easy but the execution is of course much harder. It was a long bumpy way to find a solution for simple users, like you and me, to participate in this huge crypto world. But we found a way and gave it a body, theGamerHash app. It automatically chooses the most profitable cryptocurrency to mine and brings the biggest rewards to the user. The rewards (Bitcoin and native GamerHash cryptocurrency, GamerCoin) can be withdrawn and transferred to external wallets or used our GamerHash Store to buy great things such as Steam Cards, Games, Cinema discounts or vouchers for retail shops. We have a couple hundred products available for our users — also dedicated to the Korean community.

Q. Explain the service of GamerHash in detail.

It’s really simple. You just need to download our app, and it works for you in the background as a screensaver which earns you money when you don’t use your gaming hardware. For laptops which are not good enough for mining we have Play&Earn module, where gamers earn $ while playing games like World of Tank or Game of Thrones — how cool is that? :) You don’t need to be a whale to start having fun with blockchain. Also, our goal is to educate and to debunk all myths around the crypto world.

Q. ‘Play and Mining’ is an interesting concept. How does it work? Share us some details.

It’s all about creativity. We are looking for some side quest for our gamers and when completed, we reward them with some goods. This is why we are really excited for cooperation with the Sandbox, as it gives a great field to expand possibilities for Play, Mine and Earn ideas. I hope together with the community, we will have a lot of fun exploring metaverse and searching for true gaming experiences

Q. What kind of companies (projects) are you collaborating with?

From early days we have been very supportive of the Blockchain Game Alliance — that’s how we know the Sandbox team. Our interest lies in two main areas: metaverses & play&earn space as these are two main directions for gaming in general. We want to be the ones bringing innovation to our great user base.

Q. What content are you going to make with The Sandbox?

At the start we signed for two experiences. The first, that we are already working on, is based on the adventures of our brand hero — Astro. What I can secretly reveal is that he will conquer the most desired planet these days. What we hope for is that players will enjoy sightseeing in a new environment and will have fun getting familiar with the new species and concepts of parallel worlds.

The second experience will be strictly connected with competitive gaming/esport, and I hope Korean audiences will appreciate the storytelling that will be led by our advisor and CS:GO superstar — Filip “neo” Kubski, who participated and won some great esport tournaments globally & in Korea.

Q. Would you share the future vision and goals of GameHash.

The idea is to become a one-stop-shop for future gamers and WEB 3.0 enthusiasts around the world and to deliver top ideas of blockchain in a creative and easy way. Also, the key is to work on our token utility every day, to gain trust and credibility from our community being the crucial element that builds common loyalty. We want to educate, reward and have fun with those who play with us.

Q. Last question! Is there anything you want to say before we end this interview?

We, creators, are still at the beginning of the creation process, so there is still a place for creative people among us. We are the Alpha testers for the industry, and thanks to our activities, bravery and open-minded communities, we will build great worlds and opportunities.

Small news that we would like to announce here — our metaverse team is growing and we already have first colleagues from S. Korea. We are looking forward to expanding in many directions of metaverse space — contact us HERE to find out more.