Get a sugar rush in the Sweet Village experience in The Sandbox

About the Experience

Somewhere in the metaverse, there is a town made of sweets and desserts. It sits upon a giant sponge cake, it has chocolate roads and a population just as sweet. But this colourful village has a big problem. A problem that only one person can solve. You.

A player holding a candy sword stands in the middle of a street paved with chocolate, with gingerbread houses on both sides of the street.

What To Expect

The Sweet Village is under constant siege by the minions of Halloween Town. Their evil goal is to try and steal the Sweet Village’s most precious item. The Star Candy.

A player holding a candy sword stands in front of a construction crane made of candy.
Sweet Village Trailer


Let’s have a sweet peek into Sweet Village.

The Creator

Sweet Village is designed and developed by a solo creator who goes by the name Benji. Here’s what he had to say.

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The Game Maker Fund

The Game Maker Fund is an initiative in The Sandbox which seeks out, supports, and funds fantastic, unique metaverse experiences, whether they are a game, a social hub, an art gallery experience, an education diorama, and more.

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