GMF 2024: The Sandbox’s New Era of Creator Empowerment

The Sandbox
3 min readDec 23, 2023

We’re kicking off 2024 with a New GMF model and a dedicated Engagement Pool rewards.

As announced during the Global Creators Day in Hong Kong on November 3 The Sandbox has allocated 100,000,000 SAND for all creators to be distributed through the GMF. An initial Kick-off Builders Challenge, with a dedicated SAND pool soon to be announced, will be available for creators with the most engaging experiences published in The Sandbox. The Engagement Pool is the first step in our 2024 GMF model. Later next year, the GMF will be closely linked to the Sandbox DAO.

See the initial announcement here.

This shift underscores The Sandbox’s commitment to nurturing a diverse range of talents within our platform. By aligning creator incentives with player preferences, the new model promises to unlock a wide range of innovative and captivating experiences. This move is not just about changing creator support mechanisms; it’s about empowering a new generation of digital artists, designers, and storytellers to craft immersive experiences that resonate with a global audience.

Engagement Pool Explanation

We designed the Engagement Pool around 2 simple concepts:

1- the more people play and spend time in your game, the more you should get rewarded.

2- the more experiences are published on The Sandbox Map, the bigger the pool is.

To illustrate the new creators’ engagement pool, let’s consider a hypothetical scenario. Suppose a creator, known as @Shining_Builds, develops and publishes a Tower Defense game titled “To the Moon’’ on The Sandbox Map. This game gained immense popularity worldwide among The Sandbox players. Assume it drives 10% of total player engagement during the rewarding period among 1,250 qualifying experiences, driving 500,000 SAND pool rewards. In this case, @Shining_builds would earn a reward of 50,000 SAND, representing a 10% share of the Engagement Pool. Now, let’s modify the scenario slightly. Imagine the number of eligible experiences increases to 1,700, expanding the pool rewards to 680,000 SAND. If the “To the Moon’’ Tower Defense experience then accounts for 8% of the player engagement panel, @Shining_builts would be awarded 54,400 SAND. Essentially, this system offers the creator community in The Sandbox an opportunity to collectively increase the SAND pool rewards. This, in turn, provides each creator a chance to maximize their individual payout. How cool is that?

Here are the rules for an experience to be eligible for the Engagement Pool Reward:

  • Your creator account must have passed appropriate KYC and compliance checks. Before that, your player engagement data will not be taken into account.
  • The creator or their legal representative must be at least 18 years old
  • The account must have opened the Game Maker on 7 different days
  • You must have accepted The Sandbox’s Terms & Conditions
  • Your experience must not have been banned this month
  • Your creator account must not be banned
  • You must have a wallet set up
  • The player engagement data collected while your experience was in an event will not be taken into account for the Engagement Pool
  • Your creator account must not be owned by an employee at The Sandbox

Bring your A-game in 2024!

The Sandbox is committed to supporting and empowering creators all around the world that want to bring new games & stories to life. “The GMF revamp is a reflection of The Sandbox’s shift towards being a more community driven platform. We want to make sure we reward as many creators as possible and see our best creators rewarded” says PJ Bouvier, the newly appointed GMF Program Manager.

As The Sandbox continues to evolve, fostering creators through initiatives like the monthly Engagement Pool becomes more and more important so the company further delivers on its core mission: allowing everyone and anyone to become a creator.