Gu’reum Studio Hosts a Year-End Lan Party in The Sandbox Metaverse!

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5 min readJan 26, 2024

2023 Gu’reum Studio Year-End Lan Party with Community Members

With the new year of 2024 around the corner, the Sandbox Korean community gathered together in the Sandbox metaverse to wrap up 2023 and blast off the new year with an unforgettable year-end party.

On December 27, 2023 Gu’reum Studio, an official builder studio for the Sandbox hosted a live multiplayer event for the Korean Sandbox community members.

The live event was even more meaningful as the experience was built not only by the studio’s artists, but also alongside other Korean creators within the community.

To top it off, there was a 1000 SAND reward pool for winners of the various games held during the year-end party!

NFT Tickets Sold Out in a Week!

To participate in the year-end party, players had to purchase NFT tickets. Fortunately, the Sandbox had recently made it available to mint NFT assets on the Polygon Network, so the NFTs could be purchased with minimal gas fees.

As a result, Gu’reum Studio was able to leverage the NFT-gating feature on its experience and sell all of its 40 NFT tickets (15 SAND per NFT) within a week!

Deeper Connections Utilizing Various Tools!

On December 27, at 9 PM the participants gathered in the published party experience within The Sandbox map. Due to the limitations of 20 players per instance, the party was simultaneously held in two instances.

In the first instance, Gu’reum Studio’s very own Crypto Moe acted as the MC for the night’s event while streaming the entire event live on his YouTube channel. He was able to share his screen with the other participants in the party’s designated discord channel.

In the second instance, Shiba Cookie, an active member of the Sandbox Korean community was able to act as a coordinator by listening to Crypto Moe’s voice via Discord and following his actions by watching the shared screen.

The participants in both the first and second instances were able to connect on a deeper level as they were able to talk to each other via the dedicated Discord audio channel.

One of the most important factors considered for planning the year-end party was the meaningful connection between the players. During the party, the players could socialize with other players by sitting at a table of their preference, and they could talk with other players by simultaneously accessing the discord channels dedicated to each respective table.

Meet you at the top! Christmas Tree Parkour!

To break the ice, once all the players entered the party experience, a group event began. There were a few rounds of parkour games and the fastest player to reach the top of the Christmas tree for each round received rewards in SAND.

Main Event : True or False Quiz

The main event for the year-end party was a True or False Quiz based on questions relating to The Sandbox and the Web 3 ecosystem. The participants had to pick a side — either True (O) or False (X). And the players who got the answer wrong were sent to prison and had to stay there until the round was over. The winners of each round received rewards in SAND.

Guess the right sign! O or X!

In this mini-game, the sign seen below had “O” in the front and “X” in the back. When Crypto Moe pressed “E” the sign would rotate until it landed on either “O” or “X” with a 50–50 chance for each one. The players who guessed the wrong sign would once again be sent to prison until there was one remaining survivor who received a reward in SAND.

Flaunt your best assets in the metaverse runway!

There was also a Best Dresser runway competition. The deeper the connection between the players, it seemed like the NFT avatars and wearable assets functioned more as a means for the players to identify themselves. This was even more evident during the year-end runway event. All the players were asked to do a catwalk down the aisle, and in the end, Crypto Moe selected the Best Dresser. 50 SAND was given to the winner.

All smiles on the ferris wheel group photo

At the end of the event, all the players respawned to the beginning of the experience. The newly introduced advanced platform function on the new GM 0.9 version was added to the Ferris wheel, and this made it possible for the players to board it together. The party lasted for 3 hours, yet most of the participants stayed until the end for the group photo!

United we stand through bumps and turns!

The entire community stuck strong together all the way until the end of the party. It was truly a communal experience that highlighted the potential of the community-building culture of The Sandbox. The creators who participated in the event even volunteered to airdrop free NFT assets to the winners of the spontaneous mini-games that were held during the year-end party.

Coming Soon…

And that was the end of Gu’reum Studio’s 2023 Year-End Lan Party!
More live multiplayer events will be showcased in the near future. Watch out for the Lunar New Year event that will be launching soon in February.
See you all soon in The Sandbox metaverse!