Gu’reum Studio Launches 2024 Lunar New Year Blast!

Sharing K-Culture and Building Communities through Blockchain Gaming!

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5 min readApr 12, 2024

Last December, Gu’reum Studio launched its 2023 Year-End Lan Party as a live event on the Sandbox metaverse.

True or False quizzes, a fashion show, and a group ride on a ferris wheel were just a few of the attractions for the vibrant live event that was participated by 40 Korean community members.

The Sandbox Korean community members climbing a Christmas Tree
During the main event — True or False Quiz

Following up last year’s successful live event, Gu’reum Studio launched the Lunar New Year Blast live event this past February 7, 12PM Noon (UTC).This time the purpose of the live event was to reach out to the TSB global community and also share the festive spirit of the Lunar New Year, which is still immensely celebrated in East Asian countries such as China, Japan, and South Korea.

The live experience consisted of mini-games that exuded the spirit of Seollal, Korea’s Lunar New Year holiday. From paengi chigi (spinning tops) to mugunghwa kkochi pieot seumnida (Korean version of Red Light Green Light) themed games, each of the mini-games encapsulated the essence of Korean traditional games played during Lunar New Year.

Bird’s eye view of the Lunar New Year Blast experience
Kite Runner mini-game inspired by Korean traditional kite flying activity
Paengi Chigi (spinning tops) mini-game
Mugunghwa kkochi pieot seumnida (Korean version of Red Light Green Light)

Gu’reum Studio : A metaverse community builder

Gu’reum Studio believes in building communities organically and is focused on fostering deep connections and meaningful engagements through their experiences on The Sandbox.

Currently, they are utilizing platforms such as Discord and YouTube to deepen connection with The Sandbox’s community members through live communication.

Building a global community

A group photo with the Blue Dragon at the end of the event

In the past, Gu’reum Studio had catered mostly to the TSB Korean community. However, for the first time the Lunar New Year Blast was streamed live entirely in English. As a result 20 players from 8 different countries (Hong Kong, Lebanon, Turkey, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Italy, and UAE) joined the live event.

Despite everyone’s diverse cultures and time zones, the live event was truly meaningful as all the players were able to share a common experience in the Sandbox metaverse.

What was even more remarkable was that due to the decentralized blockchain technology, players could participate in mini-games and earn SAND tokens and NFTs, all without third-party intervention.

NFT sales of bok jumeoni assets

In order to enter the live event and participate in the mini-games, one had to buy a bok jumeoni (lucky pouch) NFT in the Sandbox marketplace.

Back in the day during Seollal (Lunar New Year), Koreans had no pockets on their clothes, so they carried around pouches to store the money they had received from their elders.

The global community members were delighted to learn about Korean traditional culture through the story behind these NFTs and as they were exposed to the mini-games and assets within the experience.

Bok Jumeoni (lucky pouch) NFT needed to enter the live experience
The bok jumeoni NFT could be worn inside the game
Players guessing what this traditional asset was used for. The answer? Ancestral worship!

Gu’reum Studio will continue to deliver entertaining and exciting experiences on the Sandbox for the TSB global community.

Korean creators at The Sandbox stand united!

For the event, Gu’reum Studio had prepared a maximum 500 SAND prize and was sponsored by The Sandbox Korea with an additional 500 SAND prize, making the total reward 1000 SAND.

The studio also collaborated with creators from Korea, Heedong and Woojuin, who handed out 5 of their original NFTs as rewards for global participants.

Heedong’s Skull King Angel Head NFT
Woojuin’s Blue Dragon NFT

Although Gu’reum Studio was in charge of the overall execution of the event, well-known creators from the Korean community have helped them to bring the results out. For instance, Monancho helped out with the level design and BlackA created the majority of the assets in the game.

Monancho — level design / game maker
BlackA — modeling and animation of assets

Gu’reum Studio believes that creativity can be maximized when the creators’ freedom and spirit of experimentation can be ensured.

They will continue to collaborate with not only Korean creators, but also with TSB global creators in the future in order to create and publish the most exciting, entertaining, and original experiences in the Sandbox!

Coming Soon…

As spring lies around the corner, Gu’reum Studio is in the works to launch a Global Sports Day experience in the Sandbox as a live event!

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