Hell Diggers — Pack #1: Social Hub

A NFT collection made by Zero Games Studios

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3 min readJul 26, 2022


Today we’re proud to introduce you to a new a new NFT collection: Hell Diggers🔥

Hell Diggers’ NFT Collection directly comes from the Hell Diggers game experience that is currently being developped by Zero Games Studios for The Sandbox. The Collection will drop on July 27th at 3pm utc on The Sandbox Marketplace!

In addition, an AMA with the creators is scheduled to happen on the same day at 2pm utc on Youtube, Twitch and Twitter. Don’t miss out!

If you wish to know more about the Hell Diggers experience, go here!

About Hell Diggers

Hell Diggers is a hack ’n’ slash taking place in a dark fantasy world. The Hell is composed of various islands, all governed by a demonic lord. The player takes control of a Hell Digger, a powerful warrior gathered by Mammon, the Monarch of Greed, in order to collect outstanding treasures scattered in every realm of Hell.

The Collection

The first pack of the Hell Diggers NFT Collection will focus on the realm of Mammon, Monarch of Greed. Mammon’s palace is the most luxurious place in Hell. His collection of powerful demons and exquisite treasures is now open to everyone!

Here is a sneak peek fo the first pack!

Mammon (left) ; Verdelet (middle) ; Demon Trophy (right)
Jewelry Box (left) ; Blue Imp (right)

Mammon, Monarch of Greed — Mammon is the ruler of the Palace of Avarice which is the Social Hub.

Verdelet, Demon Prince — Verdelet is a Demon Prince in the Social Hub and is also the innkeeper of the taverne “The Last Sin”

Demon Trophy — This is a hunt trophy displayed above the Last Sin’s fireplace.

Jewelry Box — A box overflowing with jewels that the demons of the Palace of Avarice didn’t have time to classify.

Blue Imp — The imps are lesser demons that serve all the lower task other demons need to be done.

See you on July 27th (3pm utc)!



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