How The Sandbox Supports Ukrainian Citizens

Since the beginning of the ongoing war in Ukraine, The Sandbox has been supportive towards Ukrainian people and contributed, at its level, to help the victims of this tragedy.

The Sandbox
4 min readApr 27, 2022

Here are some of the actions The Sandbox took since March 2022:

1. The Sandbox donated 100,000 SAND ($300,000 USD at the time of writing) to UNICEF France.

UNICEF* has been present in Ukraine for 25 years and has been able to unfold a humanitarian response in Ukraine and its neighboring countries as soon as the conflict escalated two months ago. Here are some of the emergency responses they have taken and what are donations are contributing to — as of April 2022:

  • Providing access to clean water to nearly 300,000 people living in places where access to safe drinking water was limited;
  • Delivery of medical supplies to 49 hospitals providing treatment to 820,000 people including 2,000 pregnant women and newborns;
  • Delivery of more than 1,000 tons of emergency supplies were delivered to Ukraine (medical kits, hygiene kits, water purification tablets, school supplies, masks, winter clothing, etc);
  • Deployment of 14.25 tons of liquefied chlorine (for water purification) which will provide access to water for people caught in conflict zones;
  • Development of an emergency procedure to receive unaccompanied children for a short period of time (procedure followed by institutions, foster families and orphanages for example);
  • Proving support in dealing with gender-based violence and child abuse through an orientation and information system for 2,087 women and children;
  • More than 4,000 children and caregivers have been accompanied through legal help, as well as police, mental health and psychosocial services;
  • Providing education to displaced children and ensuring online education notably for 58,000 children that remained in Ukraine;
  • Set up of a cash transfer system in Moldova with the UNHCR (the UN Refugee Agency) and the WFP (World Food Program) to support 8,585 people in 2,837 households and foster families;
  • UNICEF had set up Blue Dot operations at 13 locations, and 35 more are planned, primarily across Poland, Moldova, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia, each with the capacity to support 3,000 to 5,000 people per day.

2. Launch of the ‘Wave with Ukraine’ project in collaboration with MAUER

10,000 copies of the Ukrainian flag NFT have been put up for sale on the MAUER website. Each copy costs 100$ (MAUER’s simple payment flow allows payments both by card and crypto).

All revenues generated by this sale will go to charities vetted by MAUER’s Ukrainian employees to ensure that our funds make maximum impact. In addition, The Sandbox will match every dollar generated by these sales.

3. The ‘Union for Peace’ NFT auction

An NFT called “Union for peace” created by French artist Okiti’x using our VoxEdit software will be put up for auction on OpenSea on April 15th at. The revenues generated by the auction went to UNICEF France to support its action for children affected by the ongoing war in Ukraine.

4. “Ukraine 24.02.2022” NFT sale

On April 27th, 3pm utc, The Sandbox Marketplace will host an NFT collection called “Ukraine 24.02.2022”.

The drop is made of one asset created by the Ukrainian voxel artist, Ilya. The NFT is a two sided art piece. A representation of peace, independence but also civil resistance. This Rare NFT will have 200 copies, each copy costing 15 SAND. All revenues generated by the sale will go to charities supporting the victims of the Ukrainian war.

5. Initiatives led by The Sandbox community

The Sandbox community has been pretty active in trying to help Ukraine at their own level, by setting up dedicated sales or auctions where all the revenues generated will go to charities. Lots of TSB members also have been seen wearing the colours of the Ukrainian flag in our Alpha 2.

The Sandbox stands in solidarity with the Ukrainian community. ❤

*UNICEF does not endorse any company, brand, product or service.