How to Launch an Experience

Step by Step Guide

The Sandbox
4 min readJul 13, 2023

Experience Manager

The Experience Manager is the starting point of the launching process and a scalable permanent hub for the rest of the tools. From here you can validate each step, in order to launch your experience:

  • Visual Task List with the current status
  • Tool Summary button
  • Launch / Close experience button
    - Automatic Bulk Asset Publishing
  • Versioning Support
    Select which version to work on (Draft, Launched)
    - Editable Published version
    - Prepare your next update by working in the draft tab

Step 1: Game Maker

To create an experience, download The Sandbox Game Maker software. In “My Drafts” tab, click on “Create New”. Select the desired size of your experience (up to 4x4 Land’s size) and click on “Create”.

In your experience, click on the “Save” button (floppy disk icon) to save your experience.

Step 2: Inventory

To access your experience from the Web Dashboard, log in to your TSB account on our site and click on your profile. Click on “Inventory” in the contextual menu (on the right). In the “Inventory” page, click on the “Experiences” button on the left. Click on the experience you wish to review. The launching steps do NOT need to be performed in a specific order.

Experience Page

The experience page is the main source of information about your experience. You can show off your art, hint at the narrative and story, and showcase the characters. You can use the page to attract interest from the ecosystem of The Sandbox players. To update your experience page, click on “Experience Page”, “Manage” in the Experience Manager.

Follow this guide to learn more about the mandatory fields of the Experience Page:

Map Location

In the Experience Manager, click on “Map Location”, “Manage” to select the location of your experience. You’ll be redirected to the Map Location page, listing all of the LANDs and ESTATEs you own. Click on the LAND / ESTATE you want to pick and click on “Choose”.

If you select an ESTATE, you’ll have to choose which part of the ESTATE you want your experience to be located on.

Asset Review

To launch your experience, all the assets used in the experience must be yours, either as an NFT you bought or minted, or an asset that you created with our VoxEdit software.

To check the status of the assets used, click on “Asset review”, “Manage” in the Experience Manager. An overview of your assets status will appear. Your asset can either be Ready, Unavailable or To Buy.

If an NFT appears to be unavailable, then you need to replace it in Game Maker to be able to Launch the experience.

You can click on one of these 3 statuses to access the full asset list.

Step 3: Publishing your Experience

Before launching your experience, make sure you created the experience with Game Maker 0.8 or above. You can verify your experience compatibility in the ExperienceManager, by clicking on “GM Compatibility Check” which will appear only if you have a compatibility problem.

Once all the “Pending” actions are completed (“Ready” in green background) the “Launch” button will be enabled automatically. Click on this button to launch your experience!

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