Incheon Landing Operation Experience launches along with NFT Collection

Experience the ‘Incheon Landing Operation’ through time travel!

The Sandbox
5 min readSep 14, 2023

While not widely known globally, the maritime operation “Incheon Landing Operation” which had nearly been impossible and proceeded with a 1 in 5000 chance, has come to you through The Sandbox! In the metaverse space, users can experience the ‘Incheon Landing Operation,’ the largest operation during the Korean War, through time travel! You can also enjoy mini-games themed around the operation within this virtual experience, immersing yourself in the historic site.

How about carving out a moment to experience the exhibition site, hold onto the pain of that time, and pay tribute or convey your gratitude and support to the veterans?

The Korean War broke out on June 25, 1950, and lasted a staggering three years, coming to a halt with a ceasefire on July 27, 1953. Now, in 2023, we are truly happy to be able to present a wonderful web3 metaverse gaming experience themed around the ‘Incheon Landing Operation’ in collaboration with the city of Incheon to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the ceasefire. Now, we can not only record past history but also experience and empathize with it together in the metaverse!

Purchase the Incheon Landing Operation NFT Collection and experience the play! You can enter a 50,000 SAND pool 👀 All profits from the NFT sales will be donated, so please participate in this good cause 💝

Don’t miss out on the rich benefits of the NFT purchase event!

XP Play Event

  • Event Period: September 13th — September 27th
  • Event Participation Criteria:
  1. Possession of the Incheon Landing Operation NFT Collection
  2. Completion all the quests in XP
  • Event Rewards: 50,000 SAND (Distributed among purchasing users at a n/1 ratio)

Incheon Landing Operation NFT Collection

Purchase this NFT collection and enjoy generous utility benefits🤩
The benefits exceeding the purchase price… it’s an open secret 🤫😉

NFT Purchase Event

All sales proceeds will be donated to the ‘6.25 Korean War Veterans Association’ to support both domestic and overseas veterans.

  • Event Participants: Users who purchased NFTs from September 13th, 2023 — October 11th, 2023
  • Winner Announcement: October 31st

Basic Benefits upon NFT Purchase:

  • Automatic entry into a 50,000 SAND pool when you play the Incheon Landing Operation XP to the end after purchasing the NFT
  • Entry into a draw for 2 types of Airborne Bomber Jacket NFT
  • Entry into a draw for Incheon Day Tour vouchers (For Korean residents only)

Benefits for purchasing at least 2 Epic NFTs:

  • Entry into a raffle for Incheon Dodo Island Tour Tickets (Scheduled for separate notification in the first half of 2024)
  • Entry into a raffle for one night of Incheon Hyatt Grand Hotel voucher (Cannot win both this and the Dodo Island Tour Ticket)
  • Entry into a draw for 2 types of Airborne Bomber Jacket NFT
  • Entry into a draw for one Legendary-level General Warface NFT

Benefits for purchasing at least one Legendary:

  • 1:1 exchange of a Hyatt Hotel accommodation voucher per Legendary purchase (multiple purchases allowed)
  • Entry into a draw for 10 Incheon Dodoseom Living Tickets
  • Note: If the monetary value of the accommodation voucher exceeds 250,000 KRW, a 4.4% tax is borne by the winner
  • Entry into draws for 2 types of Airborne Bomber Jacket NFT and one Legendary-level General Warface NFT

⚠️ The benefits below only apply for Korean residents:

Grand Hyatt Incheon Deluxe 1 Night Voucher(10 people)

  • Given with the purchase of one Legendary NFT (a total of 9 planned for sale) or entry into a draw with the purchase of at least 2 Epics
  • Validity period of the voucher: 6 months
  • Cannot be used on December 24, 25, 31, 2024 Lunar New Year holidays (February 9 to 12)
  • Price: 440,000 KRW (4.4% tax borne by the winner)

Incheon Dodo Island Tour Ticket — 10 tickets

  • Product description and guidelines will be sent via text message to winners from Incheon city
  • Available with the purchase of at least 2 Epics or one Legendary; scheduled for distribution in Q1 or Q2 of 2024
  • 4.4% tax borne by the winner

Incheon 24-Hour City Tour Pass — 100 tickets

  • Entry into a draw for Incheon City Tour passes, valued at approximately 16,000 KRW each, with the purchase of at least one NFT, regardless of the tier.


  • Only users holding assets at the snapshot date (2023/10/11 12:00 KST) will be eligible.
  • Awarding of prizes will not be available in cases of terms violation, incomplete KYC, or fraudulent users.
  • Items cannot be claimed after the Google form has closed.
  • For the hotel accommodation voucher and Incheon Dodo Island tour ticket, a 4.4% tax is to be borne by the winner.
  • Offline benefits can only be used domestically in South Korea, and cannot be obtained by overseas residents due to legal limitations in the prize distribution process.
  • When purchasing Legendary or more than two Epic NFTs, participation in all lottery pools is allowed, with the possibility of winning multiple prizes.
  • Individual email notifications will be sent to winners.