INDEX GAME looks to boost metaverse experiences with a US$1.7 million investment from The Sandbox

The metaverse agency has become the first Hong Kong company to have The Sandbox joining as a significant shareholder

The Sandbox
3 min readAug 22, 2022

Celebrating their first anniversary, INDEX GAME has recently entered into an investment agreement with The Sandbox! The Sandbox is investing up to US$1.7 Million to continuously support INDEX GAME’s exceptional development in the metaverse, NFTs, GameFi and Web 3.0 to create play-to-earn content that expands the possibilities of the interconnected virtual realm.

Led by Becky Wong and Joe Lau, INDEX GAME is the first Hong Kong-based metaverse agency officially appointed by The Sandbox to build experiences for its decentralized metaverse, as well as the first company in Hong Kong to receive The Sandbox’s investment, which can be increasing to up to US$6 Million by 2023. The Sandbox will also provide INDEX GAME an exclusive arrangement for IPs created during the collaboration.

It’s been just a year since INDEX GAME officially opened from a small-sized independent game studio to an expanded metaverse agency with over 30 staff under the incubation of The Sandbox.

The metaverse agency has collaborated with over 15 well-known Hong Kong brands and IPs to build up impressive projects in The Sandbox during the past one year, such as Adrian Cheng, Sun Hung Kai & CO, Ocean Park, Hang Seng Bank, Fine Art Asia etc. INDEX GAME has been published 4 significant experience in The Sandbox, including the South China Morning Post (SCMP)’s inaugural metaverse experience of the Hong Kong Star Ferry Pier; Kowloon Walled City: the City of Darkness on 1970s in Hong Kong; Hanjin Music Palooza: The Monstrous Multicolor Guitar featuring Chinese musician Hanjin Tan; and GO!GingerOnion 5**College from Hang Seng Bank: encourage students to experience the brand new last day at school for the great youth memory . INDEX GAMES, is behind not only these but also a great NFT voxel project titled Master 8 in The Sandbox.

South China Morning Post experience (left) ; Kowloon Welled City experience (right)
Hanjing experience (left) ; HangSeng (right)

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