Introducing CATALYSTs: Your Key to Minting and Supercharging Your ASSETs!

The Sandbox
3 min readDec 10, 2023

After recently opening the metaverse and introducing enhanced creation tools, we’re excited to introduce CATALYSTs, a new ERC-1155 token designed to empower creators on our platform. CATALYST tokens will allow owners to mint ASSETs and define their rarity and properties according to different tiers. Read on for more details!


  • Mint your ASSETs using your CATALYSTs. One CATALYST per ASSET minted.
  • Five tiers of CATALYST, from Common to Legendary.
  • All LAND Owners will be gifted CATALYSTs on December 14, 2023.

What are CATALYSTs?

The new CATALYSTs are ERC-1155 tokens on Polygon Layer 2 that replace gems as a tool needed to mint. You can use your CATALYSTs to mint your published ASSETs, monetize your collection, and sell your creations! With a CATALYST, you can mint one copy of your NFT. You can mint as many copies as you want as long as you have enough CATALYSTs in your wallet. Keep in mind, that you will need one CATALYST per copy of the ASSET you want to mint.

There are five types of CATALYSTs that will define the outcome of your minting.

  • Legendary
  • Epic
  • Rare
  • Uncommon
  • Common

The CATALYST will determine the rarity of the ASSET it is minted with. For equipment only, it will also grant a fixed amount of points to distribute between different attributes that will enhance your gameplay.

Assigning Attributes to Power Up Your ASSETs

Depending on the CATALYSTs used, you will get the ability to enhance your equipment’s performance. Some CATALYSTs hold Attribute points that you can assign to Power, Defence, and Speed. The Tier of each CATALYST defines how many Attribute points you get:

  • Legendary: 4 Attribute points.
  • Epic: 3 Attribute points.
  • Rare: 2 Attribute points.
  • Uncommon: 1 Attribute point.
  • Common: 0 Attribute points.

How to get CATALYSTs

The Sandbox will be launching CATALYSTs via distribution to ecosystem contributors:

  • 🔹 December 14, 2023: All LAND owners will be gifted CATALYSTs. A snapshot determining all eligible LAND owners will occur on December 11, 2023 at 12pm UTC.
  • 🔹LAND Owners who complete the Winter Event requirements will receive some CATALYSTs in addition to their SAND rewards.
  • 🔹You can also get more CATALYSTs on OpenSea here.

Stay tuned for more information on CATALYSTs on our X account and Discord server!