Isla Obscura: Episode V - “The Tiger, Moon Facing”

The Collection

Temple Guard (left) ; Mira, Wielder of Tsuikyutai (middle) ; Skull Warrior of the Moon (right)
  • Temple Guard — The temple guards have been guarding Ciudad dela Luna for millennia. Their cultish devotion to protecting the memory of the crumbling city has kept the darkness below at bay til modern times.”
  • Mira, Wielder of Tsuikyutai — In the ruined halls of the Great Kyutai, Mira watched as Aisla was transformed by the Yogankyutai, blasting away the Lost Legion with rays of light. In its shadow, a softer glow eminated, calling Mira in…
  • Skull Warrior of the Moon — In the deep recesses of Ciudad dela Luna, the four Warriors stand silently, guarding the legendary tomb of the Tiger, Moon Facing”.
Tiger, Moon Facing (left) ; Tiger, Warrior of the Moon (middle) ; Tomb of Yura, Voice of the Sun (right)
  • Tiger, Moon Facing — The Legendary Tomb of the Tiger, Moon Facing houses the remains of the mysterious founder of Ciudad dela Luna. It stands in the atrium, guarded by four silent guardians.
  • Tiger, Warrior of the Moon— One of the four guardians watching the Tiger, Moon Facing. Silent and unmoving, it has begun to move agwin as the darkness encroaches…
  • Tomb of Yura, Voice of the Sun — One of the great leaders of Ciudad dela Luna, Yura’s tomb stands on the high platform above the city, bathed in the rays of the sun.”
Urvad, Wielder of Kowaretayurei (left) ; Yurakin, Avatar of the Sun (right)
  • Urvad, Wielder of Kowaretayurei — Urvad’s soul was split from his body in a terrible accident, floating listlessly in the void before inhabiting the ancient armor Kowaretayurei. Trapped in the temporal Hall of Elementals, Urvad now seeks a way to return to the real world.
  • Yurakin, Avatar of the Sun — The hulking avatar of Yura, Voice of the Sun, Yurakin now stands guard at his tomb, preventing interlopers from disturbing its master’s eternal slumber.



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