Jinta Valley: Fight for the Future Collection

The Collection

  • The White Lotus — The master boxer of the city!
  • Muay JR. — A big dreamer, training non-stop to reach his life’s goal.
  • Cyber Chick — Does the chicken of the future world look like this? Thinking of eating it? Catch it in time.
  • Mr. Jack Jinta — Mysterious man with pumpkin head. No one knows where he came from. He seems…nice?
  • Anna Johnson — Boxers who compete in various fields. He never gave up on obstacles.
  • IRR Ranger Leader — The IRR population who discovered Nimit City were among the first groups. This is another world?
  • Hanuman Atlas Nimit — The symbol of the city of Hanuman, Atlas Nimit indicates that we will determine the direction of the world.
  • Peace Sign — A multi-color peace sign, cheering everyone up that there is a better future waiting for you!

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