Journey to the clouds in Adventures of a Floating Castle

Adventures of a Floating Castle is one of the projects supported by The Sandbox’s Game Maker Fund. Learn more about this addictive fantasy game that is exclusive to The Sandbox metaverse. It will be available to play in The Sandbox’s Alpha Season 3.

About the Experience

In Adventures of a Floating Castle, an adventure combat game with a nod towards the point and click games of the past, the player will explore a vast 3D environment set in the clouds. There will be many places for the player to explore and many things to discover and interact with.

Taking on the role of Garth, an ordinary guy, a traveller who was visiting the castle, which is situated in the Dream realm. Unfortunately, he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and had arrived just moments after the caste was attacked by an evil warlock, who then, after capturing it, enchanted the castle to rip it up from the ground and cause it to float in the clouds. Oops!

This experience first opens its drawbridge to players in The Sandbox’s Alpha Season 3!

What To Expect

A truly unexpected event shocked the kingdom, and it is in danger from forces unknown.

The castle of the kingdom was ripped from the ground and sent hurtling into the clouds by an inexplicable evil force. Unfortunately, our protagonist, who was only trying to visit the castle, finds himself trapped in the middle of the unexpected evil scheme.

A man in medieval-themed clothing, holding a staff, stands tall and proud. Behind him is a towering castle wall with a waterfall in place of where it used to have a moat before being sent into the clouds.
Meet Garth

Adventures of a Floating Castle is the first chapter of Garth’s journey through the Dream Realm — which clearly hasn’t gone off to a good start. The player, as Garth, will explore a medieval atmosphere intertwined with elements of fantasy. They will also find an engaging story by interacting with NPCs and the environment, which will help them to make better sense of what is going on in the Dream Realm, and the lore.


Let’s take a look inside Adventures of a Floating Castle.

The Creator

Adventures of a Floating Castle is designed and developed by a small studio called Be In Dreams.

Here’s what they had to say.

Hello everyone, we are Be In Dreams, a team of two enthusiastic game players and now game developer. We always just “play games”, both for PC or console, as many other people, we just enjoy the amazing creations published by others, but now, thanks to Sandbox, we could pass on the other side of the screen and create our own game. The Sandbox metaverse offers us the opportunity to put together all our experience as a players and be able to develop entertaining game experience. So now we can be players and creators at the same time.

Inspired by old RPG games, we want to recreate that feeling, where knowing the story is an essential part of the game. Listen to what an NPC has to tell, it might help the player to discover hidden places and characters. Be part of our journey, travel through forest, town, hidden paths; discover a complete game full of quests, gear yourself up for the perils to come and stay strong, this is just the beginning!

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