K-verse Mini Event

Welcome to the K-content festival!

Important Dates

1st Wave

  • November 24th 2PM (UTC) to December 7th
  • K League Jumping Rush, ANICUBEENT, MTDZ Neverland

2nd Wave

  • December 1st 2PM (UTC) to December 7th
  • K-Village, K League Island

User Event

  • Play all experiences, complete all quests of K-verse mini event and get your account KYC’d.
  • The players who have met the condition above will be rewarded from the prize pool consisting of 100,000 SAND.

K-verse Mini Event Experiences

1st Wave — On November 24th, 3 experiences will be released with the start of the K-verse mini event!

K League Jumping Rush (left) ; ANICUBEENT (middle) ; MTDZ Neverland (right)

K League Jumping Rush

Let’s pass the K League admission test. Avoid the approaching LED Bar and enter the Safety zone!


‘Anicube’ is owned by ‘Anicube Ent’, a joint venture between Cube Ent in Korea, and blockchain company Animoca Brands. With the theme of “Music Metaverse,” various K-POP-based performances will be held.

MTDZ Neverland

Welcome to MTDZ Neverland. Accept your quest to uncover the secret of Meta Toy DragonZ!

K-Village (left) ; K League Island


‘K-Village’ is owned by Cube Ent in Korea. The space provides K-content using IPs of Korean companies and brands. It embodies Seoul’s landmarks and represents the era of the past, present, and future zones. Major domestic companies such as Hana Bank, Channel A, Kangsong Museum of Art entered the Company.

K League Island

Welcome to the K League hub! Explore 6 floating islands, each with its own charms.

The NFT Collection

K League NFT Collection will be released celebrating this exciting event! The collection will be live on November 24th (2 PM UTC) on The Sandbox Marketplace. All the characters are the mascot of each football team in the K League.

Aguileon (left) ; GAMGYURI (middle) ; JangAn JangGoon (right)
  • Aguileon — Suwon Samsung Bluewings
  • GAMGYURI — Jeju United FC
  • JangAn JangGoon — Suwon FC
Gang Woong (left) ; KKAO GAMGYURI (middle) ; MiTA (right)
  • Gang Woong — Gangwon FC
  • KKAO GAMGYURI — Seongnam FC
  • MiTA — Ulsan Hyundai FC
NIGHTY (left) ; RICA (middle) ; SHUNG (right)
  • NIGHTY — Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors FC
  • RICA — Daegu FC
  • SHUNG — Gimcheon Sangmu FC
SOIDORI (left) ; SSID (middle) ; U Tee (right)
  • SOIDORI — Pohang Steelers
  • SSID — FC Seoul
  • U Tee — Inchoen United

Get your K League NFTs here!



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