Kantana and The Sandbox Team Up to Build the Future of Metaverse Entertainment

The Sandbox
2 min readJun 18, 2024


The Sandbox, a pioneering metaverse, gaming, and creation platform, and Kantana, Thailand’s leading entertainment company, are pleased to announce a groundbreaking partnership to build the future of metaverse entertainment.

This collaboration leverages Kantana’s renowned storytelling expertise with The Sandbox’s user-generated content (UGC) tools to create a dynamic hub filled with innovative games, redefining online entertainment. Kantana’s in-house metaverse development team, Dev:A Studio, has already achieved impressive results within The Sandbox, showcasing their talent for crafting engaging experiences.

We’re thrilled to welcome Kantana to The Sandbox,” says Sebastien Borget, Co-Founder and COO of The Sandbox. “Their expertise perfectly complements our platform, fostering a dynamic environment for innovative games within the metaverse.”

We’re excited to bring our stories and characters to a whole new audience,” says Pimlapat Chaiviriyachok (Ying), MD of Kantana Post Production. “The Sandbox is a leader in the metaverse, and this partnership allows us to push the boundaries of entertainment and leverage the power of Web3.”

Beyond games, Kantana is committed to integrating unique cultural elements into the metaverse. Their ‘Khan Kluay The Adventure of Friendship’ event, celebrating Thai culture in The Sandbox, offered exclusive NFTs, paving the way for further cultural exploration within the virtual world.

This marks the beginning of a long-term partnership. Kantana assures ongoing development of exciting games within The Sandbox, promising a future brimming with immersive entertainment experiences. With their combined strengths, the possibilities for captivating and engaging content are limitless.

About Kantana Post Production
Kantana Post Production stands at the forefront of Thailand’s entertainment and film industry during this pivotal transition from traditional to digital media, offering essential services and support for film production in the digital era. Flourishing for over half a decade, Kantana Post Production remains a sought-after resource for both local production houses and independent film producers worldwide, e.g. Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Pakistan, India, Japan, and China. Please visit www.kantanadigital.com for more information.

About DEV: A Studio
DEV:A Studio comprises a team of experts offering end-to-end services ranging from concept development to product launch. Our dedicated focus on the metaverse as a pioneering platform for connectivity, learning, and creativity enables users to broaden their knowledge and unlock their creative potential. Please visit www.devabykantana.com for more information.