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By The Knowbody

The Sandbox
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Introducing KnoWhear, the hip hop wearable collection in The Sandbox. These digital wearables are designed to bring a new level of swag and style to your avatar. From Jerseys and hats to sneakers and holdable instruments (weapons), thecollection has everything you need to look fresh in the metaverse.

The wearables have utilities on
Holding them will grant accet to locker room mini games and p2e in the knowhear ecosystem.

The collection is now live on The Sandbox Marketplace.

Join the KnoWhear community and explore a metaverse of possibilities.

The Collection

Here is a sneak peek of what you can get👀

Squeaker Shooe (left) ; Squeaker Jersey (middle) ; Squeaker Snap Back (right)

DuckDown KnoWhear Squeaker Shoe / Squeaker Jersey / Squeaker Snap Back— A collaboration with DuckDown (Buckshot) x KnoWhear (TheKnowbody & Au24KAY) x Squeaker (MaddoxMakesArt).

The Knowbody W/ White [?] Jersey (left) ; The Knowbody Pass (middle) ; Knight Owl of KnoWhear (right)
  • The Knowbody Pass — More details here.
  • Knight Owl of KnoWhear (Purple)

About KnoWhear

Rasul Elder’s metaverse features a space-time hub called KnoWhear, where visitors can complete missions for various factions and own personally-owned properties. With unique game mechanics and stunning architecture, it’s an exciting new world for both building and music enthusiasts.



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