Kuniverse Returns! Relive Kun Agüero’s Iconic Moments and Learn About the Making of the Experiences!

The Sandbox
4 min readFeb 14, 2024

More than just a conventional gathering, the Kuniverse Event has been devised as a way to enhance The Sandbox experience for our users, featuring two iconic experiences, Kuniverse and World Champions.

Kuniverse is playable as a single-player game featuring football and Kun Agüero-related quests. World Champions takes a step further with a multiplayer dynamic, which will allow users to connect with their friends and enjoy the fun together!

To be eligible for the 10K SAND Pool Reward, participants are required to successfully complete all 10 quests — eight within Kuniverse and two within World Champions.

Click here to participate before February 22nd!

Tune into the @Kuniverse and @TheSandboxgame social channels to catch all the NFT giveaways and social challenges planned!

Get a Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Creation Process for Both Events

ETER STUDIO, created January 2022, has partnered with Kun Agüero to bring his Experience in The Sandbox to life. From a first event in 2022 to celebrate their avatar collection, to a new NFT collection and a special event to kickstart 2024, the studio has created its own ecosystem within The Sandbox. We had the chance to sit down with the team at ETER and learn more about the creative process that drives their Experiences

  • Could you tell us more about your two Experiences in The Sandbox and what they represent for you?

Kuniverse is a big experience that captures Kun Agüero’s persona as a football legend, a renowned gamer, and other personal aspects of his life that build his character, including golf, parties, poker, and his home country, Argentina.

World Champions is a tribute to Argentina winning the 2022 World Cup, but mostly to the Argentinian people who celebrated this event in Buenos Aires as no other ever before.

  • How did you approach those project’s level design?

At first, everything was planned from an architectural point of view, Kuniverse had several actualizations and became a huge land full of layers, places, games, and sceneries.

World Champions was more like landscape design, making a simplification of Buenos Aires’ well-known street: “9 de Julio”, where the massive celebrations took place. We took some of the most “Argentine” buildings and made them smaller, put focus on the wide avenue with the bus stops, and recreated the obelisk in a reduced size. Although we believe that for every project, the key is in the details, these almost hidden highlights add the final touches to the whole.

  • What was your inspiration for this project?

Our main focus throughout the creation of the project was to recreate how Argentinian football fans felt and lived after the victory and the process of getting there. We wanted to immortalize their passion and unique craziness for football. That was our main source of inspiration along the way. We spent weeks and weeks on research on social media, trying to capture those viral videos, those iconic moments, those tiny details that symbolize this passion, and how people really live for football in Argentina. We wanted to know what people were interested in, to bring memes, fun moments, and memories back to life through the metaverse.

Making of the Kuniverse Ferris Wheel
  • What were the key goals you aimed to achieve with these experiences?

We wanted as many people as possible to play and experience that world of celebration, happiness, kindness, and delusional fun that day. World Champions is all about that specific day, December 18, 2022, and we wanted people to share it with friends.

Kuniverse is more about a social hub hosted by Kun Agüero himself. With this land, we wanted to create a place where Kun invites you to come over and have fun, like his metaverse home.

Top view of the Kuniverse Arena Kunhouse
  • What were the main challenges you encountered in realizing your vision?

The main challenges we encountered were mostly about time. Since everything was sort of an exploration in itself (the asset-making tool and the level design tool were in constant updating, so we had to evolve with it, not knowing what new feature we would find next), we didn’t really know the limit of the making process. So we decided to build it bit by bit. Another challenge was to channel explicit feelings into the project: fun, competitiveness, nostalgia, excitement, passion, and euphoria.

  • What aspect of the final product are you most proud of?

We don’t think that there is one specific aspect that we’re proud of, but the result and how we managed to really enhance that passion made us happy. We think World Champions is really a masterpiece as a whole because it was explicitly made for the players. The result of an incredible team working together with one goal: recreate a historic moment, so everyone can be part of it if they want to.

World Champions Experience